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Something that entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers and the like all face is discouragement and this is something that will get a stranglehold on both you and your business if left unchecked. The first step to dealing with discouragement is identifying the cause according to Laura Spencer. In her article she does a great job of covering the main triggers for discouragement.

A top trigger for anyone trying to build a business is the fact that you are looking for advice, and it’s easy to end up getting and trying to follow wrong advice. Instead of thinking that you can somehow make it work you need to realize that it won’t work for you, and move on.

On top of that the drive for success often triggers perfectionism both within yourself and in your expectations for your business. Instead of constantly striving for perfection why not take a step back and reconsider the standards you are trying to meet. Are they practical and actually something that you can meet? If not perhaps you need to rethink the concept and change it to something that is doable.

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