avatar“I feel it only right that I report to you on recent success in booking more brides.  I have made an effort to use the suggestions made [...and] I have booked 6 out of 7 brides I have talked to this week!”

John Davies, Party Hits Music LLC

“I have been in this business for 25 years, and I really feel that your course is just what I needed to get the message across to brides that I am an expert in this field.  I know a lot, but, I will never know it all.  Thanks, again!”

Jim Cook - DJ Express

“Since I implemented the e-mail enquiry reply I have completely changed my selling style...Results have increased dramatically with my hit rate on appointments and bookings increased by at least 50% over recent years. [...] Several Brides have actually said that they want to meet me BECAUSE they liked the  enquiry reply letter.”

Mike Watts, Photographer

“I'm finding your AES series very helpful for "tweaking"  and perfecting a lot of things I already had in place. [...] Now I have a graphic that looks like a book titled "10 Tips for Planning the Perfect Florida Wedding"! - At a glance, I'd say this simple tweak has doubled or tripled my daily conversion rate for new subscribers!”

Jeff Copeland

“I love that the follow-up is a BREEZE... and we've gotten 7 new contacts since we fully implemented just two days ago. Normally we might get 1 or two new leads a week through our website. =)”


“What you're doing with Book More Brides is invaluable.  You're offering wedding vendors a better way of approaching today's bride and groom on their terms.  Frankly, I think that with that email template, you're giving away the store!  Now you've made it frighteningly easy for vendors to work your system to find their customers!"

DJ Bri Swatek of Spinning with Style

"Dear Stephanie, 

I've been using your autoresponder email series since the webinars and I've booked all but one wedding since then.  (That one is still out for review.)  More than made my money back already.  So I'm a believer...."

Althea Wiles, Rose of Sharon Event Florist

“You have made a lasting impression on me and my business, and I am eternally grateful to you for your help.  I am 100% behind you and may be your best client!  You have a real gift, and I'm so glad you're going to share with us!"

Hillary Harvey of Hillary Harvey Photography

“Let me make something very clear.  YOUR WORK ON WEDDING MARKETING IS THE BEST I'VE ENCOUNTERED DURING THE 3 YEARS THAT I'VE BEEN LOOKING...you are the best in my opinion and I want your help to make my business grow.  :)"

Randall Granier

“Love getting brides on the phone now... I avoided the phone for 4 years now, but in the last two weeks I'm killing it, and it's not forced either...Things have gotten much better, we're definitely BOOKING MORE BRIDES... THANK YOU! All the best and hope to meet you both in person someday.” 

Rich Pizzuti of Pizzuti Studios Photography