lady with magnifying glassNo matter how much we love Facebook for wedding business marketing the truth is that privacy issues and questions regarding possible privacy issues have been a problem from the beginning. While that doesn’t stop most people using Facebook it does create frustration. The one good side of things is that there is almost always a way to block information from being shared that you don’t want the world to know about (and yes, some of it just requires using common sense).

Facebook believes in the importance of constantly evolving with the demands of their audience. This has led to a new way of collecting data on people both online and offline for the sake of their advertisers. Obviously this is raising red flags for many people, but thankfully, there is a work around. Make sure to check out Thorin Klosowski’s article to learn more.

The good side of Facebook’s constant research on tracking data is the fact that they are able to help their advertisers target the right people better than almost anyone else. This means that your advertisements go out to the group of people that might actually be interested in your business, and no one else. What do you think though? Do the benefits for targeted advertising outweigh the privacy risks?

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