Sending people to your wedding business Facebook Fan Page from an ad is going to be a lead killer unless you have fully integrated your Facebook page with an email opt in and a storefront. That said, directing people from your web page to your Facebook page will accomplish the exact opposite.

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The purpose of an ad on Facebook is to reach a group of people whom your business may never reach otherwise. Making the choice to use the ad to direct them to your website encourages them to get a better grasp of your business, and encourages them to consider committing to you.

In his article, Tom Johansmeyer encourages Facebook uses to use their web page as the landing page is completely controllable by the business owner. You can choose to build a sales page with a coupon just for Facebook visitors, or take them to your photo gallery. Not only that, but the tools available for building your sales funnel on you webpage will encourage an up-sell of your products to visitors.

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