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Get the step by step system for capturing more of the ideal leads you want and turning them into booked weddings automatically

Dear Fellow Wedding Professional,

It’s time to get real.

There’s nothing worse than wasting hundreds on worthless advertising and spending hours of your time responding to inquiries with little or no results.

Time you could have…and should have…shared with your family or doing the work you really love.

Brides email or call and then…VANISH. You never hear from them again.

Or you do hear from them and they decided to go with one of your underpriced competitors.

You open your email and find a new lead and think: “Yes! This is it.”

Only to get that dreaded question: “How much do you charge?”

It’s beyond frustrating because you KNOW you’re worth it. THEY just don’t seem to get your value.

While you’re trying to figure all this out, you’ve got bills to pay and you have to put off the vacation you’ve been hoping for…

If any of this sounds like you, this might just be the most important letter you ever read when it comes to your wedding business.

How do I know this? Because we’ve been there, too.

I remember getting that sick feeling in my stomach during the winter months when we didn’t have any weddings coming in.

At each meeting I would PRAY they’d book us because we needed the cash so badly.

I remember one meeting in particular. It was January and we had almost nothing on the books until April.

This couple was nice enough, but definitely NOT a good match for us.

And I remember slashing our price and practically groveling to get the job. It felt just awful.

It was the last straw.

We were following up, emailing and calling every lead that crossed our path, spending hours every day chasing down brides who didn’t respond.

There had to be a better way.

And there was!

I finally realized how much time and energy I was wasting when I started looking OUTSIDE the wedding industry for answers. I stole the ideas of internet marketing to create a system for our business that would follow up and book weddings FOR US.

The results were amazing!

Within a few months, couples were contacting US instead of us having to track them down.

We had more leads and were booking more of them with fewer price objections than ever before.

Many couples started booking us without even meeting us because our follow up was THAT good.

All of this was possible because we isolated what works to take a bride from lead to booked wedding and made it into a system that does it more efficiently and effectively than we ever could have imagined.

It let us raise our price to almost 3X the rate of an average in our market.

If what you're doing right now isn't working... it's not your fault!

Much of what worked 5 years ago…even 2 years ago…doesn’t work anymore with today’s couples.

You CAN thrive in any economy…but not by doing the same things you’ve been doing.

You don’t have to struggle to get leads and booked weddings anymore because we’re making our Automatic Lead Machine available for you.

We’ve been at this for 13 years in a competitive wedding market outside the NYC area. This system is a huge part of why we’ve been able to make a 6 Figure Income from our business. But it works for other wedding professionals, too.

"I followed all the steps, send out the emails and today she booked our biggest package $4,450!"

Ildico Stephanie Golightly

Remember the couple I talked over the phone and scheduled the meeting? BOOKED. After that four more BOOKED! I love you, Stephanie & Jeff!

Ildico Stephanie Golightly, Your Fantasy Event
Alegria Sita

I am truly blown away by how effective these strategies are! My booking rate has drastically increased since I began the course. This has been one of the best investments in my company…and I’m so grateful for the incredible information, tips, education, and community! So worth every penny!!!;) (happy dance from a thoroughly satisfied customer!!

Alegria Sita, Gala Events & Weddings
Nikki Miller

How this has inspired me! So as mentioned before I’ve had Mail Chimp for at least 4-5 months and never touched it.Just designing the template for my campaign overwhelmed me. But after working on this week’s assignments I’ve become VERY motivated! Now, I’m focused and the template now is a breeze.

Nikki Miller, Mae B. Films
Peter Merkle

Wanted to share with you a success story… January 2016 bride referred to me by Palmer House Hilton. She emails. I respond with your keep the conversation going with a question “can we chat tomorrow at 7:30” email. She says yes! We chat. I sincerely charm. I send a priority packet. Create a Power Pitch video. Sent at 6:54PM. At 7:11PM (21 minutes later) Anna books a face to face appointment through our online calendar. At 7:12PM(22 minutes later) Anna subscribes to the Aweber 10 Wedding Insider Secrets series. When she books this I will send you a commission!! They should ALL be this perfect.

Peter Merkle, Chicago Wedding DJs
Justine Wiedrich

The first few days I got 5 new leads. The actual templates (Ontraforms and email) - they are easy to quickly modify and put into use. I wouldn't have jumped right into creating a campaign without them. Just the templates I feel like I have my money's worth. I also like the step by step guide to creating the campaign.

Justine Wiedrich, Photography by Justine
Ari Goldstein

I wasn't sure if Facebook Ads was for me but I figured doing anything in terms of marketing would get be to a better place than where I was. (: At the end of the day, lead generation/follow-up is my #1 problem in my business. I definitely got my money's worth. For just the Facebook Ads tutorials in the last section of Week 1, I would have paid the $250. I always assumed that my price was too high and that's why I didn't get a response, but after following up I had 3 brides give me an actual response. 2 of which are interested in booking. Without the Automatic Lead Machine, I'm sure I would have lost those clientsI now have a system that works automatically for me, even when I'm not doing anything. The training was entertaining, clearly extremely valuable, and most importantly presented in a way that I could easily understand and take action on a step-by-step basis to actually see results instead of feeling like I had to do a bunch of things all at once.

Ari Goldstein, 4 Spades Productions

Click Below to Get the System For a Constant Stream of Leads!

Exactly what IS the Automatic Lead Machine?

It’s the proven system we’ve used to capture more ideal leads, pre-sell them, follow up with them and stack the deck for an easy booking at higher prices…and 90% of it is pre-done and automatic.

In this step by step training program we will take you by the hand to show you exactly how to set up the templates and customize our system for your wedding business.

Here's what the Automatic Lead Machine is NOT.

It is NOT a complicated piece of software that only works if you subscribe to or buy an expensive service.

It is NOT an email marketing service.

We introduce you to the free options available and show you how to set them up. These tools are simple to use, and you can use this system WITH whatever you’re using right now.

The Automatic Lead Machine is a series of video trainings you’ll get over the next four weeks. These videos will walk you through exactly what you need to do to set up and customize the system for your wedding business.

You’ll also get tutorials to show you how to use any tools you need, along with all the done-for-you emails, free Bride Bribe reports, scripts, and templates you need to create your own automated lead machine system.

With the Automatic Lead Machine You Get the Following...

Automatic Lead Machine

Week 1 - Facebook Lead Machine: Attract and Capture Affordable, High Quality Leads

The proven Facebook Ad template you can copy and paste to get high quality, extremely affordable leads.

  • Use our template to create the perfect Facebook Ad to attract clicks and leads from brides and grooms.
  • Discover how to laser target your dream clients for the most affordable, high quality leads.
  • Create your Lead Capture page to turn your Facebook Ads traffic into visitors easily using this template to get up and running in 20 minutes.
  • Know how to optimize and improve your ads for better results and proven ROI over time.

Week 2 - Guaranteed Response Formula: How to Get a Response From Leads FAST!

Simply set up the pre-done templates for a fast, effective and personalized automated response.

  • Use the #1 sales automation tool for follow up couples love and to be sure you NEVER lose a lead again. Follow up automatically until they book.
  • Customize the proven Guaranteed Response Email templates to send before and after the meeting to cut down your follow up time and get a response from 95% of the couples who contact you!
  • Expert tips to add your brand personality, personalized detail and testimonials for must-respond emails that position you as a wedding expert and get an enthusiastic response.
  • Get a lightning fast response with these easy copy and paste text messages.

Week 3 - Increase Your Bookings Without Being Salesy

Use these proven strategies to create a sense of urgency, increase your same day bookings, and book weddings faster...without sounding like an icky used car salesman.

  • Use the Presell Email template to get couples primed and ready to book at the meeting.
  • Craft a slam dunk personalized sales pitch using the intelligence gathered from the pre-meeting questionnaire.
  • How to make sure couples book as quickly as possible and never have to chase them down for the booking again.
  • Do all this by leveraging your authentic self -- no hype, scams or gimmicks.

Week 4 - Advanced Ads & Strategies

Take it to the next level to attract high paying clients and capture more leads.

  • Create amazing video ads brides and grooms love in 15 minutes.
  • Book more meetings with clients using this killer ad.
  • How to optimize and improve your results.
  • Lots of examples of specifics ads, what works and what doesn't.

Bonus Live Q&A with Steph & Jeff

Get extra help customizing the system to your unique market and get all your questions answered.

  • Submit your Facebook Ads, landing pages and templates for instant feedback.
  • Take a turn in the "hot seat" and we'll suggest the best modifications to take your lead system to the next level.
  • Got questions? We've got answers! Ask them live or email them in ahead.

Nuts & Bolts “How To” Tutorials

We’ll give you step by step instructions for using the services we recommend, making the process easy and fun, even for “non-techies.”

  • How to Create the Perfect Facebook Ad
  • How to Laser Target Your Dream Clients On Facebook
  • How to Customize Our Landing Page Template to Capture Quality Leads 
  • How to Guarantee the ROI of Your Ads
  • How to Customize and Personalize Our Email Templates For Automatic Follow Up
  • How to Modify and Use the Pre-Sell Email Template and Questionnaire Landing Page

Done For You Tools & Templates

Copy and paste all the templates you need to customize the system.


  • Proven Facebook Ads Templates
  • Landing Page Template
  • Guaranteed Response Email Templates
  • Easy Booking Questionnaire


We're Also Including These 7 Awesome Bonuses for FREE!

Bonus 1: Double Your Wedding Leads Fast With the Lead Capture & Follow Up System in 6 Easy Steps! 

How to easily customize your Bride Bribe template and Automatic Lead Machine emails to set up the system and manage your follow up automatically.

The Bride Bribe Reports – Two professionally written and designed PDF reports to use as your free giveaway. (Value $400)

The Automatic Expert Emails – A follow up email sequence of 7 emails for warming up and booking leads automatically, with professionally designed html versions. (Value $300)


Bonus #2 - The Facebook Ad That Got a 4,400% ROI (that’s not a typo!) On a $200 Investment...Earning $9,000 In Sales: A Case Study (Value $50)

See the creation of this "Unicorn Ad" and learn exactly why it works so you can duplicate the strategy for your wedding business.

How a wedding invitation designer found her "Unicorn Ad" through a simple Facebook post that took only 3 minutes to create! The results:

  • It reached 6,975 targeted local brides.
  • Earned 27 page likes.
  • Generated over $9,000 in sales!


Bonus 3: Slam Dunk Pre-Sell Email Template

Stack the deck for an easy meeting with the Presell Email and incentives to increase your bookings by up to 50%!

Use the powerful Principles of Influence to "warm up" couples before they meet and prepare them for an easy booking. Includes tested and proven template email and scripts. (Value $100)

Bonus #4: Anti-Price Question Telephone Script

A proven telephone script to use with leads and 8 Bride Booking Telephone Techniques to start booking more weddings immediately. Start building rapport to escape the "price question" commodity trap.

Most phone conversations go like this...

Them: "How much are your prices?"

You: "$1,000 - 2,000. It includes blah, blah, blah and we're the best because yadda, yadda, yadda."

Them: "Thanks. I'm just getting prices now."


Break out of commodity pricing with this tested and proven script so you can establish a connection, communicate your value and educate so that price is no longer the primary issue.

(Value $100)

Bonus #5: Power Video Pitch Templates & Script

How to use the power of video to create a customized presentation that will blow couples away! The best part is that we do most of the work for you. (Value $100)

Includes these done for you materials:

  • Power point Template
  • Video Script
  • Power Video Pitch Checklist

Bonus #6: The Ultimate Lead Magnet Template

Create the ultimate lead magnet for your wedding market. Includes the lead magnet template to customize easily.

Answer the #1 most pressing question couples have about your service as "bait" they can't resist, turning those visitors into hot leads.

(Value $100)

Bonus #7: Position Yourself as a Top

Wedding Expert

See how to position yourself completely differently from the competition and why you'll only want to do it this way from here on in. 

  • The Psychology of Influence - Position yourself in their hearts and minds so they practically HAVE to say yes using 6 scientifically proven principles of ethical persuasion:
    Reciprocity, Likability, Scarcity, Authority, Social Proof and Commitment & Consistency
  • Permission & Response - the specific strategies using these powerful principles that get the couple to ACT fast.

Click Below to Get the System For a Constant Stream of Leads!

Here's Just Some of What You'll Learn in These Trainings...

  • Our #1 recommended service for a fail safe lead tracking system so that NOTHING gets lost and 90% of the work is done automatically for you. (Week 2)
  • How to track your lead sources automatically so that you can ditch the “losers” and cut your advertising costs up to 75%…like we did! (Week 3)
  • The tricky sentence you can say to a bride on the phone that makes her feel obligated to call you back…even if she isn’t interested!…so that you don’t have to waste time on useless follow up. (Bonus 5)
  • The simple 90% pre-done template response to leads that makes you stand out and leaves brides saying, “If this is what they do in the pitch, I can’t wait to see what they do when I hire them!” (Bonus 3)
  • A 10% open rate on emails is considered really good. Find out exactly what one DJ did to get 40-50% of brides to open his emails after a bridal show, with some of them reading his email up to 12 times! (Week 3)
  • The 3 part strategy to use when brides ask the “price question” on the phone that puts you back in control and positions you as an expert so landing the meeting is a slam dunk. (Bonus 5)
  • Frustrated with brides who don’t respond to your calls and emails? Learn what to say and write to get them contacting YOU instead. (Week 3)
  • The critical thing you MUST have in your automated follow up…that most wedding vendors forget about!…and why your emails are 75% less effective without it. (Week 2)
  • The 3 things a bride looks at to decide whether to open your email or hit DELETE and what to do to make sure she opens yours. (Week 3)
  • How to use this powerful principle of influence to position yourself as the #1 must hire choice in your wedding market. (Week 1)
  • You’ll be thrilled at how easy it is to follow up repeatedly with brides without ticking them off or driving them away. In fact, we’ll show you how to make them loyal fans who refer all their friends! (Week 1)
  • The colossal mistake wedding vendors make when sending emails to brides that banishes you to the spam folder forever! (Week 2)
  • A sneaky trick that guarantees that you follow up with EVERYONE who contacts you…even if you forget about them! (Week 2)
  • The 6 Book `Em Elements of an email response that gets a reply 95% of the time within three emails. Guaranteed! (Week 3)
  • The bride’s preferred method of communication…that 99% of wedding vendors aren’t using!…that works better than email and social media when it comes to getting attention. (Bonus 6)
  • The Facebook Ad template to copy and paste to turn on a stream of quality leads for as little as $3 - $15 each anytime you want.
  • The specific formula to guarantee you’re getting good ROI on your advertising, and how to fix it fast if you’re not.
  • 3 sneaky ways to target ads just for your ideal couples (no wasting money on budget shoppers!) and “stalk” them all over Facebook until they’re ready to book.
  • Don’t spend a penny on Facebook advertising until you do this! How to avoid the mistake almost every wedding pro makes that can cost you $1,000’s with ZERO results.
  • The easy cure for “Fear of Follow Up Syndrome” so you never have to worry about being pushy again...and every couple gets contacted automatically until they respond or book.
  • You’ll be surprised and delighted about this one thing you can add to the contact form on your website to get 6x more response from leads and increase your sales!
  • How to tell a budget shopper from a high end lead immediately with this one powerful question.
  • The secret buying signal a bride or groom sends in an email and how to respond to reel them in.
  • The counter-intuitive strategy for answering the “How much?” question that turns website visitors into hot leads immediately.
  • If you’re not doing THIS simple thing before the meeting, you’re leaving money on the table!
  • How to get more couples to book at the meeting with no gimmicks or high pressure sales.
  • Use this clever strategy with couples who need to “think about it” and you’ll never have to chase them down for the booking again! They’ll be calling YOU instead.
  • The simple change to your advertising that will increase your leads 3x or more!
  • And lots more...

We want to make sure only the right wedding vendors get the Automatic Lead Machine, because we want people who will actually DO this and get results.

Let’s talk about who this is for…and who it isn’t for…

The Automatic Lead Machine is Right For You If...

  • You’re spending hours of time each week trying to get leads and following up with them and you’re getting little, if any, results.
  • You have more website visitors than you have leads, and you know can book more weddings if you just had a chance to contact them.
  • You have a system for following up and booking leads, but you can’t keep on top of everything and you know you’re probably forgetting something.
  • You DON’T have any system for following up or keeping track of your leads and something has to change fast!
  • You deliver outstanding products or services, but you just don’t know what to do to book more leads and explain your value.

The Automatic Lead Machine ISN'T Right For You If...

  • You already attract all the ideal clients you want and you can’t handle any more work.
  • You don’t need help pre-selling the bride and demonstrating your expertise automatically because you have it all figured out.
  • Your business is part-time and you don’t want to grow it to the next level. Things are fine just the way they are.
  • Your product or service is poor quality and you don’t want to improve.

We’re not covering how to be good at what you do in this training, so if your product, service and website drives brides away, this will not help you.

We’ve already shared some proof of the results wedding vendors are getting with this system, but just in case you aren’t convinced.

Here's More of What Pros Are Saying...

Randall Granier, Wedding Photographer

“YOUR WORK ON WEDDING MARKETING IS THE BEST I’VE ENCOUNTERED DURING THE 3 YEARS THAT I’VE BEEN LOOKING…you are the best in my opinion and I want your help to make my business grow.” :-)

Randall Granier, Wedding Photographer
Althea Wiles, Event Florist

“I’ve been using your autoresponder email series since the webinars and I’ve booked all but one wedding since then.(That one is still out for review.) More than made my money back already. So I’m a believer…I’ve also noticed the brides have not been making as many adjustment to the proposals (bringing the price down). While my gut says this is due to the pre-sell of the autoresponders…your emails are certainly helping get those budgets up for me. :)”

Althea Wiles, Event Florist
Emily Wilke, Style Avenue Studios

“This time around [a bridal show] with your help…(3 days after) I already have 5 consults booked with others just waiting to purchase their dress! I have the automated emails with the bride bribe already going out and my open rate is between 30% to 50%!

Emily Wilke, Style Avenue Studios
Sakurako Yakushiji, Wedding Cancun

“There are many results, so I will try to list them up one by one. The number of weddings and events went up high. Over 70% percent. So, the income of course increased, and increased around 90%. Why? We did not spend so much time doing things manualy or semimmanually. We customized our email tempaltes, created the brides bribe, we created friendly email stories to share to brides so we could get to help them trully. Of course at the same time we were developing and authomatic database to attend all our clients, and one after the other were pleased to answer our authomated e mails. So not only single brides and grooms started to come, but big hotels and travel agencies and wedding planners started to refer us due to the capability to answer fast, specific, personalised…in one word they are sending us many brides and grooms with one single petition: “please, charge them…I am sure you will and there will come the rest…” so we did.”

Sakurako Yakushiji, Wedding Cancun
Steven Planck of Blue Sky Photography

“I recently took your advice and changed my automated email response, which now includes something “free,” a “call to action,” a more “personalized response,” links to my “recent reviews” and damn, it’s crazy. Even the people that can’t afford me are taking the time to write back and talk to me. It’s ridiculous. STOP IT. Seriously though, many thanks. You guys are at the top of an elite pack.”

Steven Planck of Blue Sky Photography
Michael Ortiz, CT Party Studios

“Holy crap! Thats an excellent campaign setup and ready go. Worth the price plus some already! Can’t wait to get going with everything else. awaiting week 2 videos. Excited!!!!!!!!”

Michael Ortiz, CT Party Studios
Cheryl & Denis Savoie, Red's Disc Jockey

“I wanted to send you both a huge huge huge thank you!!! I’ll be forever grateful for stumbling upon the training you were offering and taking the training online….The Bridal show we were part of in September has resulted in 11 bookings!! Results we’ve never seen before. We’ve already surpassed our income from this year and in less bookings!…The services you offer and the training you provide is incredible!”

Cheryl & Denis Savoie, Red's Disc Jockey

If I Were You, I'd Probably Be Wondering...

What makes this different than all the other training out there?

This is a step by step training program made by wedding vendors FOR wedding vendors to show you how to set up a powerful follow up system for your business.

There’s no other training that includes all the templates, emails and scripts you need along with the exact steps to follow.

  • This training isn’t just information; it includes everything you need to ACT ON IT. All that done-for-you material makes it a much simpler.
  • This has been taught and implemented by real wedding professionals just like you who have built a 6 Figure Wedding Business. No “gurus” who haven’t been there—these are people who practice what they preach.

Okay, this worked for you. But will it work for me outside the US?

YES. As long as the brides and grooms in your market are using the internet and email, the answer is YES.

The strategies are just as effective. Plus, our 60 Day Guarantee that lets you try it out without any risk, and if it doesn’t work you get your money back. We’ll tell you more about in a couple minutes.

Will this system work with the email service and website I already have?

Absolutely! This training gives you a strategy you can use with ANY of the tools and services you already have.

Different services sometimes require a little customization to get them working together, so you may have to contact your current email service with a few questions. We can’t do a training for EVERY tool because there are just too many, but we make it as simple and easy as possible. After taking our training you’ll probably want to make some changes to what you’re doing so that it’s more efficient, but this system will absolutely work with what you have right now.

If everyone is using this system, won’t brides catch on? I don’t want to be just like everyone else.

This system is designed to incorporate your own personality and uniqueness into the templates and pre-done materials.

We'll show you how to be authentic, personalized and automated at the same time.

We have thousands of wedding vendors watching this training, and it’s an international audience. Most of them are NOT from your local area.

There are over 500,000 wedding vendors in the US alone! So the chances of your competitors using this system are slim to none.

This system gives you a HUGE advantage over your competition. Don’t let fear keep you from creating a system that works to bring more money and freedom into your life.

A pre-done system sounds so generic and impersonal. I offer a highly customized service for my brides. Will this work for me?

First of all, the system is designed to be extremely personal. It’s written as if you were writing to a friend, so brides feel like they already know you even before you meet.

Second, it’s 90% pre-done, which leaves you room to focus on that power 10% that makes your communication completely unique to the couple.

Ever notice how when you meet with a couple you’re answering the same questions over and over and explaining the same things?

Your system will do the repetitive stuff for you…better than you can, because you don’t run the risk of forgetting something…and leaves you the freedom to focus on the part you love best.

How much time is this going to take? I’m already so busy!

The trainings will take about 2 hours per week. Or if you’re too busy right now, you can download them and watch them at your own pace whenever like.

If you’re struggling to find the time to do everything right now and not getting the results you need, it’s only going to get WORSE.

Yes, this system does take a time investment to set up and customize for your business. The beauty is that you do the work ONCE and then it works for you forever! After it’s set up you only have to check in and make minor adjustments to make it work even better.

You’ll save an average of 10-15 hours per week by using this system and get better results. Is spending 2 hours a week for a month worth saving at least 28 hours?

That’s a time investment that pays for itself almost immediately.

Look, this isn’t just about the money. This is your LIFE.

I can’t tell you what a relief it was when we didn’t have to struggle to get the bookings anymore. I quit getting that sick feeling of desperation in my stomach when we met with a couple, just hoping they’d book because we needed the cash.

It’s so much easier. It frees up my time. I can spend time with Jeff and our family; I can choose to do the work I’m really passionate about.

That’s what having an automated system for your wedding business will do for you.

Is this the same as the Automatic Expert System?

This is the Automatic Expert System ON STEROIDS.

It includes everything that made the original Automatic Expert System so amazingly effective for follow up, with the all new Facebook Leads Machine for a constant flow of leads and strategies to pre-sell couples and get them to book faster.

It puts YOU in control of your sales process, so you can turn on your lead flow whenever you like.

Each week's training is 100% new and unique. It's simpler and easier to implement.

If you're a previous Automatic Expert System member (we love you!) you'll get a boat-load of value out of this course. We promise...or your money back. :)

Here’s Exactly What You Get with the Automatic Lead Machine:

  1. The Automatic Lead Machine 4 week webinar series.
  2. The proven Facebook Ads and landing pages templates you can copy and paste.
  3. The Automatic Expert Email Follow Up sequence of seven emails.
  4. Two professionally written and designed “Bride Bribe” reports and cover image graphics.
  5. The Easy No Pressure Telephone Script.
  6. Access to a Member’s Area where you can download the videos, PDFs and mp3s.
  7. Access to a Private Facebook Group where you can network with other wedding pros and get all your questions answered.
  8. All SEVEN amazing Bonuses included FREE!

Click Below to Get the System For a Constant Stream of Leads!

So here’s the question EVERYONE wants to know…How much does it cost?

How Much Is It Worth To You?

First, let’s figure out what it’s WORTH.

Let’s say your average wedding makes you $2,000 of income. If you book only ONE more wedding this year as a result of the Automatic Lead Machine…you make back your money 8 times over. That’s a 8x return on your investment!

And if these strategies let you book higher ticket weddings so that you add an extra $400 to the income from each wedding, it pays for itself with the FIRST wedding you book. If you book 5 weddings at an increased profit of $400 each, that’s $2,000, enough to take the family on an amazing weekend getaway.

Let’s take it further…if you book MORE than one extra wedding this year using these powerful strategies…or add MORE than $200 to your average wedding income…the results are exponential. Now you can grow your business to the next level: open a studio, hire a team and pursue the work you’re really passionate about.

It would normally cost a minimum of $2,000 to pay for four hours of coaching with us. Add to that the cost of the Bonuses ($750) plus two live Q&A webinars ($200) and that’s a TOTAL VALUE of $2,950.

How Much?

You get all the strategies, scripts and pre-done templates you need to book more weddings at higher prices on autopilot for only $247 $197…that’s less than $16 a month over the next 12 months…about the cost of a take out dinner.

We’re so confident that the Automatic Lead Machine is going to transform your wedding business and directly let you book more weddings at higher prices that we’re offering a Money Back Guarantee!

Our Risk Free Guarantee

60 Day Book More Brides Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

It works like this: You have 60 days to watch these videos and use these strategies. If during that month you aren’t convinced that you will book at least ONE more wedding or increase the average income of each wedding your book, we’ll refund your money 100%. No questions asked.

We’re taking on all the risk because we believe this will be the absolute best investment for your wedding business that you could possibly make. At this point, you’ve got nothing to lose. We’ve taken away all the risk. If you aren’t convinced after checking out the trainings and trying out these strategies for yourself, just send us an email or call to cancel and you get a complete refund.

Now You Have a Choice...

You can take advantage of this opportunity to book more weddings at higher prices, position yourself as a valued expert, pre-sell couples and follow up AUTOMATICALLY


You can choose NOT to take advantage of this opportunity. Things will stay the same…or even get worse.

You’ll continue to fight with price shoppers about your value and chase down couples who don’t call back.

One thing is for sure: if you keep doing the same thing, you’ll keep getting the same results. It’s up to YOU to make a change.

If you aren’t convinced that the Automatic Lead Machine is a good investment during those first 60 days…we’ll refund ALL your money.

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