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Magnetically Attract Clients With Money-Making Methods Even the Most Seasoned Wedding Professionals Overlook

“I have booked $12,000 worth of gigs in the past 10 days. I would say that is a pretty darn good ROI! I am getting better interaction with clients AND we are getting higher budgeted brides. Such a simple idea, and it really works!” – Jim Greer

Kate and Nick Storey, wedding entrepreneurs since 2010 and the owners of two powerful businesses in the wedding industry, have empowered thousands of wedding professionals to attract high-end clients and book more weddings at higher prices.

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From the Desk of Kate Storey

Dear Fellow Wedding Pro,

If you’d like a step by step action plan to attract quality leads, high-end clients and book weddings at the price you really deserve, you’re in the right place.

I have a few questions for you to make sure we’re on the same page:

  • Do you need more quality leads for your wedding business?
  • Do you want a wedding business to pay the bills AND give you the money and freedom to travel and spend time with your family?
  • Overwhelmed with too much to do and not enough time to do it?
  • Wondering how are you going to fill your calendar with high-end wedding bookings this year?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, you’re not alone. That’s exactly the frightening reality so many of us are facing and what happened to us when we started out.

We were sick of working our “day jobs” at IBM, spending longs days in a corporate environment neither one of us could stand. When Nick and I finally got up the courage to look at our finances, we discovered we were $500 short every month!

We knew we had to do something fast.

When we started our wedding entertainment business back in 2001, we had no wedding experience, no leads and no money. I didn’t know where to start, but I couldn’t let that stop me.

We based our business on what the competition was doing, figuring they must know something we didn’t. We wasted hundreds of dollars on worthless Yellow Pages and magazine ads, because we didn’t know any better. We did bridal shows and even cold calling (yuck!) trying to get leads, with little results.

I knew there had to be a better way.

I started studying internet marketing, spending thousands of dollars we didn’t have on courses and trainings. One day it hit me:

I didn’t have to work my butt off doing ALL the marketing strategies they said I was “supposed to do.” I just needed take a few simple actions every day to get the leads and bookings.

In fact, only two simple strategies were all it took to book our wedding business solid, with $123,000 in annual sales...even during the Recession!

I refined a method to make marketing simple and easy, no sleazy sales required. Over time, we became the #1 wedding expert in our highly competitive market with more leads than we could possibly book.

Things were going great for us, but I couldn’t stand seeing our wedding professional friends struggling to get the bookings because I remembered that awful feeling of desperation in my stomach from staring at our empty calendar.

So I started sharing what we’d learned. First, with through our local wedding blog and website here in New York. A few simple changes, and a photographer friend was able to start booking more of her meetings immediately. Another DJ was able to quit his job and go full-time working weddings after coaching with us for only a few months.

It’s my mission to empower wedding professionals to create the businesses and lives they love. I’m tired of seeing these passionate entrepreneurs fighting the competition for table scraps like hungry dogs...when I know how simple it can be to stand out, get noticed and create a constant stream of real leads.

Now I’d like to share what what we’ve learned through hard-earned experience about what get real results.

"I just signed another one...This week looks like a $5,000 week!"

Wedding pro attached evidence of his sales income after sending ONE Fast Profit email.

“I booked 3 weddings. THREE. IN ONE WEEK! I changed absolutely NOTHING about my services or packages, etc. All I did was meet with them in person, followed those amazing phycology techniques, and their checkbooks were on the table. It created an emotional attachment that no price list could ever do alone. I can't believe how well this worked. I am SHOCKED. THANK YOU for completely turning around my business.

Mikayla Kosicek
Mikayla Kosicek Photographer

"I booked my highest package ever, after you encouraged me to add a "Kitchen Sink" Package, which never existed before. I also transformed my image and website, so that I was able to raise my rates, and work less and make more.  I was able to confidently raise my rates, and separate myself from the pack, so that the price shoppers can go somewhere else. I now deal with more qualified buyers who are excited to work with me! I had a 16% increase in my sales compared to last year, and expect it to go up even more this coming year, with the help of Kate and Nick."

Danny Farrell
Danny Farrell DJ Entertainer

“I have booked $12,000 worth of gigs in the past 10 days. I would say that is a pretty darn good ROI! I am getting better interaction with clients AND we are getting higher budgeted brides. Such a simple idea, and it really works!”

Jim Greer
Jim Greer

“I edited my package document and raised the prices. I sent it to some brides last night. I woke up to an email from a bride ready to book me. You guys are helping me so much. Thank you!!”

Anjeh Bourne
Anjeh Bourne Make Up by Anjeh

“My new website was *just* launched yesterday…with my slightly raised prices. It’s already working, though – I booked a client who didn’t bat an eye at the new rates.”

Lisa Paladin
Lisa Paladin Event Planner

Well that was fast! I booked a lead I’ve been pursuing for over a month and was able to get two brand new clients scheduled for consultation for my higher income services, wedding planning.”

Tara Taylor
Tara Taylor Recovered Moments

"I am SO impressed! I had 3 inquiries last week and I used the template on all of them. I got 3 responses - thrilled! Then I wrote a follow-up email to a couple of people who had not responded before and sent the 8 Questions link and the link to my kudos page on my website, and THEY responded. I have talked to ALL of them on the phone. I had a meeting with a couple on Friday night and BOOKED THE WEDDING. I have also had another couple ask for a meeting tomorrow!"

Suzanne Myers
Suzanne Myers Certified Life Cycle Celebrant & Wedding Officiant

“I totally LOVE it.  OMG!!!  I am so glad that I have met you. You are the answer to all my prayers seriously. It actually WORKS!!!!   I would love to one day meet you both and give you a  big hug as you are my new business mentors.  I can't thank you enough for your knowledge, expertise, skill and just CARING.”

Valerie De Silva
Valerie De Silva Wedding Consultant

Wedding Pro Surveys Reveal These Disturbing Facts:

  • The average wedding business surveyed makes only $25,000 per year.
  • 84% said they were overwhelmed with information.
  • The #1 challenge is not having enough leads.

$25,000 a year is not a liveable wage! It’s no wonder so many are struggling.

So you’ve got this crazy situation where you need more leads, but you don’t have the money for advertising. That means hiring help or paying for expensive training isn’t an option.

And with so much to do, juggling a family, taking care of a home as well as a running a business, you don’t have TIME to add on more tasks.

Finally!  A Simple, Affordable Solution For Wedding Business Profits.

It’s our mission to empower you with the tools and strategies you need to build the profitable wedding business you really want.

We’ve been helping wedding professionals like this for years, but someone always gets left out because they just can’t afford to invest in our courses.

That’s why we created the Wedding Business Acceleration membership, an easy way for you to get the help you need at a price anyone can afford. You won’t have to give up your fancy lattes, I promise!

Here’s Exactly What Your Acceleration Membership Includes Each Month:


  • New Acceleration Workshop Attend a LIVE 60 minute webinar each month with us (Kate & Nick), with appearances from special guests, covering brand new topics to grow your wedding business.
  • New "5 Minute Fast Profit Secrets" video with the biggest takeaways from the full workshop, delivering the information and actions you need to take that month.
  • Action Checklist to keep you focused on the most important actions to take each month to turn what you learn into booked weddings.
  • Weekly Action Challenge emails focused on the theme of the month that deliver short, simple “hacks” designed to grow your business.
  • Private Member’s Only Facebook group for Wedding Expert Superheroes. Get all your questions answered, share your challenge actions, find accountability partners and network with the coolest wedding pros from around the world.
  • Live "Ask the Experts" Q&A Session - Get your biggest questions answered and your problems solved each month in real time.
  • Library of All Past Workshops - Get instant access to our entire library of past workshops. A quick search provides the solutions you need NOW.
  • Exclusive Discounts & VIP Access - Get early bird access to new products and events, special discounts and members only bonuses.
  • Templates, support docs, video and audio downloads to complement each workshop.

All this at a low price that means you have enough money leftover to implement these strategies.

Which Brings Us to the Question...How Much Is It?

Here’s what these trainings are normally worth:

  • Wedding Business Acceleration workshop (Value $47)
  • Action Challenge Emails (Value $25)
  • Private Members Only Facebook Group (Value $25)
  • 5 Bonuses (Value $500)
  • Past Workshop Archives (Value $500)
  • Exclusive VIP Access (Value $100 - ???) The longer you’re a member, the more value you get.

Total Value = $1,197 (or More!) Each Month

We’ve challenged ourselves to deliver this value as affordably as possible. The regular price for this membership is $27 per month.

But right now you can lock in a low rate of only $19.97 for as long as you keep your membership.

Regular Price = $27

Today Only $19.97

Nick and I decided to set a ridiculously low price for this training because we want EVERYONE to have this information.

You get all the strategies, transcripts and worksheets you need to book more weddings at higher prices and attract your ideal clients this year for only $19.97.

"Click Below to Start Booking More Weddings Today..."

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$19.97Per Month
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    We're so confident that the Wedding Business Acceleration Membership is going to directly let you get more leads and book more weddings that we’re offering a Money Back Guarantee.

    Our Unconditional 'Book More Brides' 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    It works like this: You have 30 days to enjoy your membership. If by the end of that month you aren’t convinced that you will book at least ONE more wedding or increase the average income of each wedding your book, we’ll refund your money 100%. No questions asked.

    We're taking on all the risk because we believe this will be the absolute best investment for your wedding business that you could possibly make.

    No Commitments and No Hassles

    When you subscribe monthly, you can cancel at any time by sending us a simple email. No questions asked.

    Either it works for you or it doesn’t, and there’s no commitment.

    At this point, you've got nothing to lose. We've made it ridiculously affordable AND taken away all the risk.

    If you aren't convinced after trying out the membership, just send us an email to cancel and you get a complete refund.

    You Also Get Instant Access to These 5 Amazing Bonuses For FREE!

    Bonus #1 - Our Proven “5 Minute Secrets to Fast Profit” Videos: Make $5,000 - $12,000 In One Week! (Value $200)

    • The Proven “Ticking Clock” Email For Fast Sales wedding pros have used to make $5,000 - $12,000 in bookings with a single email!
    • The Secret to Raise Your Price and Book MORE Weddings.
    • 4 Tools to Save $400 Or More In Time Each Month
    • How to Increase Your Average Wedding Income...Without Raising Your Price!
    • The Counter-Intuitive Strategy to Make More Money By Giving Something Away
    Jim Greer Jim Greer, Narrow Gauge

    "I have booked $12,000 worth of gigs in the past 10 days. I would say that is a pretty darn good ROI!"

    Terry Ziemba Terry Ziemba, Flash Shack Photo Booth

    "I sent the “Ticking Clock” email to my leads and received $559 in deposits for a total of $1,750 in new bookings!"

    Bonus #2 - Get On the Preferred Vendor List Of the Most Elite Venues With This Proven Script, Email & Strategy (Value $100)

    The telephone script, email and strategy to open doors with the most in demand, high-end venues in your market, create a flood of referrals and get them promoting your business to all their fans and followers on social media!

    "This strategy is pure genius! It's much better than just a list of preferred vendors because you get to build a relationship with them all at the same time. I'm swimming in leads, and I'm booking up like crazy. I actually have 5 weddings in January! What the heck?? I'm usually dying during the beginning of the year but not this time! So thanks again, I feel like I owe it all to you."

    Steve Sievers
    Showcase DJ

    Bonus #3 - 5 Star Review Formula: The Email Template to Get Rave Reviews From All Your Clients ($100 value)

    Use this 2 email system to:

    • Get 100+ online five-star reviews.
    • Generate hundreds of high quality leads.
    • Prove your expertise to brides and grooms who are ready to hire.

    Bonus #4 - The Facebook Ad That Got a 4,400% ROI (that’s not a typo!) On a $200 Investment...Earning $9,000 In Sales: A Case Study (Value $50)

    See the creation of this "Unicorn Ad" and learn exactly why it works so you can duplicate the strategy for your wedding business.

    How a wedding invitation designer found her "Unicorn Ad" through a simple Facebook post that took only 3 minutes to create! The results:

    • It reached 6,975 targeted local brides.
    • Earned 27 page likes.
    • Generated over $9,000 in sales!


    Bonus #5 - 10 Photos That Went Viral On Facebook and Pinterest, Each Generating Over 400 Shares and Thousands of Website Leads For FREE! Case Study (Value $50)

    How one wedding pro used other people's photos (legally!) to create viral posts on social media and ideas you can "copy and paste" to create your own.

    • The exact types of images brides love, comment and share.
    • The "sniff test" to know whether your photo is good or not.
    • Where to go for the best viral photo ideas.
    • Follow this strategy for a flood of traffic with the "You Need Me Marketing" (also FREE with your membership) to easily capture these website leads and book them!

    Curious? Take a Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes of the Membership Site...

    WARNING:  This Membership Isn't For Everyone...

    This membership is not for people who:

    • Are uptight and stuffy.
    • Have no sense of humor.
    • Demand fancy production and slick videos.
    • Are an "all work and no play" kind of wedding pro.

    If this is you, then you’re probably NOT going to enjoy hanging out with us.

    Nick and I are serious about wedding business profits...but we insist on having FUN in the process.

    We’re raw and REAL. We crack jokes (especially Nick) and get goofy (especially me). We love to laugh. You’ll hear our dogs in the background during live presentations...

    Our videos aren't slick and fancy because we’re more interested in creating valuable content FAST than we are in making it look “pretty.”

    I figure it’s only fair that you know what you’re getting into with Nick and me because we are NOT your average Wedding Business Coaches.

    We’ll Show You How to Transform Your Wedding Business in Just 5 Minutes a Day.

    You’re already busy and overwhelmed. The last thing you need is MORE information to wade through when you there aren’t enough hours in the day!

    Our goal is to give you one simple, powerful theme each month and have you DO something with it than get you excited about a boatload of material you don’t have time to go through or act upon.

    There Are 5 Easy Ways to Get the Solutions You Need, FAST.

    • 1

      Full-Length Workshop

      60 minute workshop each month. You can attend live to ask questions, and the replay is available for you to download the mp4 or mp3 whenever you like.

    • 2

      Live Q&A "Ask the Expert" Session

      Join us for a live streaming video conversation each month where you can get your biggest questions answered and your problems solved.

    • 3

      PDF Transcript

      If you don’t have time to watch the workshop or attend live, simply read or skim the transcript to get exactly the answers you need. This is perfect for people who HATE watching videos. :)

    • 4

      5 Minute Fast Profit Secrets Video

      Don’t have time to watch the full workshop? We’ll grab the biggest takeaways and action steps in one simple video so you can get into action fast. And you can always go back to the full workshop or transcript if you need more details.

    • 5

      Action Checklist

      Get an easy-to-use checklist of the recommended actions and resources from the workshop all in one place. It’s quick, simple and easy to get into action.

    Lack of time doesn’t have to keep you from building the business of your dreams anymore!

    If you have 5 minutes a month, you can do this.

    Getting results doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. And we’re going to prove it to you!

    Click Below to Start Booking More Weddings Today!

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    $19.97Per Month
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      Here’s What Wedding Pros Are Saying:

      Within two months, I had clearly defined my target market, started booking more of the couples who were looking for what I offer, and increased my average price by 70%...Don’t think twice about signing up for their help – you will be tickled pink with yourself and your business results.

      Rev. Judith Johnson
      Rev. Judith Johnson Author of The Wedding Ceremony Planner & Ceremony Design Expert

      The Facebook group is amazing! The support provided was exceptional! There was a real positive vibe in the group. Most people were extremely supportive of each other and really wanted everyone to succeed and do well. Don't hesitate! Buy it! You don't really have anything to lose!

      Sandra Harris
      Sandra Harris Photographer

      I’m learning how to attract my ideal clients, communicate with them and most important, I’m finally growing my business!...if you’re not getting the results you want and you’re feeling on your own...they’ll give you all the resources, the know-how and many different techniques to chose from and that you feel comfortable to use in your own business. Highly recommended!

      Cindy Salgado
      Cindy Salgado Wedding Design & Events

      It's exciting and liberating...Following their plan, which not gives thorough answers to both how and why to follow through, is foolproof to eliminate that nagging doubt that maybe you're just not cut out to run your own business.

      Melanie Perkins
      Melanie Perkins Invitation Designer

      I just booked my first wedding with MORE than the upgraded price, and with my ideal couple!! I hear over and over, ‘We’re so glad we found you!

      Linda R. Smith
      Linda R. Smith Ceremony Pianist

      I’m excited and I can truly say since I’ve been applying what they are teaching I have gotten more leads and more bookings! My November wedding calendar has one date left and my goal is a wedding every weekend to get my 6 figures.

      Shaunette Mays
      Shaunette Mays Wedding & Event Planner

      Love that this group, these lessons always go way beyond what you expect! Thanks for keeping true to your calling!

       Annette Stephenson
      Annette Stephenson Event Planner

      I made sure to watch and learn from their video about the shows and their advice. I have been doing the shows for years and never walk away with the booking. I always get clients a few months later, but never on the day. This year, I have 5 clients on the go and I picked up 7 bookings at the show. Oh My Goodness!

      Alyssandra Skerrett
      Alyssandra Skerrett Striking Stationery

      We've talked to thousands of wedding vendors to find out what you wanted to know the most. They tells us they want free, cheap and EFFECTIVE marketing methods, and strategies to move past the price question so they can stand out from the competition and book more weddings.

      We also learned that wedding vendors love our other products, but not everyone has hundreds of dollars to invest in the training.

      This membership gives you those solutions with a price tag anyone can afford.

      Click Below to Start Booking Up Your Wedding Calendar Today!

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      $19.97Per Month
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        Here’s More of What Pros Are Saying…

        I was on the phone last night for 20 min with a casting agency inquiring about young couples for a new TV show. This is the second call in 10 days from agencies the first one was for a Lifetime program and he actually quoted words from my website...I credit Book More Brides for helping me get these results because it is better to do something even if it is little steps verses nothing at all.

        John T. Snelson V
        John T. Snelson V

        I've gotten 3 wedding inquiries, and I've had great conversations with EVERY one of them! One of them is officially booked, another one I received today and have already set up a meeting with next Friday and the third one I have a meeting with 2 weeks from now! This course has given me the confidence and tools I need to attract the types of couples that I want to work with, and understand how to turn regular inquiries into solid meetings to get one step closer to booking them!

        Julia Seiler
        Julia Seiler Photographer

        Thank you for helping me take Mer-Made to a new level! Booking more than ever before! I credit Team work and your expertise to help in the marketing and still tweaking ..when I get a min to breathe! I am so grateful to have found Book More Brides! You have raised my game and confidence level with clients!

        Meredith Winner
        Meredith Winner Photographer

        If You Want Your Business to Make More Money, You Need to Do Something Different. There Will Never Be a Better Time Than Right NOW...

        Being the best at what you do just isn’t enough. You need effective strategies to get more leads and make more money fast.

        We promise to keep this membership simple and help you take actions each month that will make a difference in your business.

        This membership is packed with value for a bargain price...which means we’ll be increasing the monthly fee very soon.

        Just click the button below to get started and we'll see you inside!

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          Your friends,

          Kate & Nick Storey

          P.S. Remember: you’ve got our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee that gives you 30 days to check out this membership without risk! It doesn’t get better than that.

          P.P.S. PLUS...These 5 Amazing Bonuses are yours to keep just for trying out the membership! You're gonna love it. :)