Don’t Let the Gmail Trap Block You From Brides

pair mugs

By Kathy DalPra The tech world is all a-buzz this week with news of Google’s recent changes to the way Gmail handles incoming email. Why? Because the new system is automatically deciding where incoming mail should go, and if you don’t prepare your email subscribers, your messages might get the boot. Which means, sooner or […]

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Writing The Perfect Wedding Business Emails

email invitations

Every business that writes emails to their customers (and I would hope that includes everyone here) wants to find a way to write a better email to get more return on their investment of time. The thing is there is no perfect formula to writing the perfect email. If your business is on the west […]

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Is This the Death of Direct Mail?

coffee break

Not too long ago, a wedding vendor sent us an email claiming… Direct mail is DEAD. Certainly direct mailings lack the marketing sex appeal of social media darlings like Pinterest and slick mobile-friendly technology. I mean, who uses snail mail anymore? We even nicknamed it after a SLUG, for goodness sake; it’s icky, slimy and […]

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