6 Embarrassing Reasons the Bride Blew You Off

Dismayed bride

How do you get brides to respond? Here’s the all too frequent scenario:     Bride (or groom) emails you asking for your “prices and packages.”     You respond promptly with your best professional response and…     NOTHIN’. (Insert cricket sounds here.) What the heck is going on? They emailed YOU for information, which means they […]

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How to Book More Weddings With a Simple Email

Book Weddings With Email

It’s the little things that make a big difference. Especially with EMAIL. It’s incredibly frustrating to get wedding leads by email because it’s like you’re working with your hands tied behind your back. You don’t have your winning smile, that engaging voice, or the gorgeous photos on your website to win them over. It’s just […]

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How to Write a Persuasive Email That Gets What You Want

email marketing

If there’s one thing I simultaneously love and hate more than anything else, it’s EMAIL. Email allows you to communicate with someone for free, gather information, attract and nurture relationships, and much of it can be done automatically.  It doesn’t get much better, unless you throw in a massage and chocolate covered strawberries. But email […]

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How Do You Handle Brides Using FAKE Emails at Bridal Shows?

email symbol on row of colourful envelopes

“Couples get bombarded with literally thousands of emails from venues, florists, photographers, etc. after a bridal show.  So they’ve started giving fake email addresses when registering. How do you follow up with them when they won’t give you a real email address?” Be Cool, Be Smart and EARN a Response Pardon me for interrupting your […]

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How to Create an Automatic Response That Books Weddings

question mark

Question: How should I respond to email leads when they ask for prices? “Thank you for sharing your videos about the automatic expert system. I would like to implement it in my business. I have a question though about brides that contact you directly (they don’t sign up for your newsletter or the bride “bribe”). […]

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3 Killer Email Subjects to Make Brides Open Your Emails

3 Killer Email Subjects

Confession: I am obsessed with email. I’m obsessed with learning what gets people to OPEN emails, CLICK through and take ACTION. It’s part of my mission to reveal the secrets of capturing more leads and turning them into booked weddings with “wicked smart” follow up that works. Your email subject is the #1 factor determining […]

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