bride at window

When you think of what brides were like 30 or so years ago and then compare them to the brides of today there are some major definable differences. One of the first things that stands out is how they shop for their wedding. It used to be that brides would go window shopping and plan their weddings based on the businesses available in their town. Of course there were some who would also go to the nearest big city as well.

Today’s bride will usually start searching online. In fact search is the key word here. Even if she doesn’t have a clue of what she wants she will start searching for ideas as soon as there is any possibility that she will be getting married. With the advent of Pinterest a brides search for ideas has become much more public and obvious. According to Michael Schrage’s article this consumer action to search endlessly is a direct result of Google.

When you build your website, or do any marketing you have to keep the fact that today’s bride is a searcher at the front of your mind. If she’s searching online she want’s ideas and pictures. She wants to know more about your business than just what you do and how to contact you. Basically you have to sell brides the artistic vision behind your business, not just the fact that she needs a wedding dress or photographer. Gaining a bride as a client means that you have convinced her that you can do her wedding better than anyone else out there. That she needs YOU. What do you think?

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