piggy with coins

When you first start your wedding business it is easy to get so overwhelmed with all the expenses that you go a bit crazy with the spending. You don’t have to do this however. Sure, there are some unavoidable expenses and some are pretty high, but it is crucial to keep your expenses in check in order to make it to next year.

So how do you build a business and control your expenditure so that you have a smaller overhead and larger profit? Probably the most overlooked way to control spending is to always make sure that each and every expense you incur is required for you to make more money than you will spend. This means keeping “fluffy” expenses such as paid vacations, and expensive printing ink (unless that is part of your signature products) to a minimum at first. Do you really need that 20th camera lens now for the sake of the artistic part of your photography or could you wait a year or two?

For more tips on keeping your business expenses lean in the first few year make sure to check out the article on Noobpreneur . What do you think? Is there a way you can cut your expenses to build a more profitable business?

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