With Mindset

By Eathan Janney

Mindset is everything.

Even the most successful entrepreneurs in the world can add significant percentages to their income through subtle mindset shifts.

In the next few posts we’re going to highlight mindset shifts that will make you more money using ethical and responsible tactics and strategies that embody your natural desire to be a caring human.

You might find some of the ideas in this post will touch a nerve and inspire a little debate.

Consider this article unfinished. Your comments are invited as a way to continue the thought processes that we’ve initiated.

Mindset: “Selling is Love”

I’m not sure about you, but the first time I heard someone say this I was confused.

With words like “salesy” and “selling” having negative connotations it took some intense mind bending to understand the intention of this phrase, “selling is love.”

But once I understood that selling isn’t evil, the phrase “selling is love” changed my whole perspective on business, allowed me to make more money, and helped me to better serve the clients that I work with.

In brief, every time you convince someone to exchange their money for your products or services you should recognize that you are helping that person. You need to reach a place where you truly believe that what you sell is going to improve the life of the person to whom you are selling.

You can do one of three things to achieve this.

  1. If you feel you are selling something that is not valuable don’t sell it anymore, shift your direction.
  2. Remember that people pay for things that add value to their lives though, so you may need to more deeply understand how leading someone to purchase something from you is improving their life.
  3. If numbers 1 or 2 have left you stuck remember that you always still have the opportunity to sell to others in a way that is authentic. It is only necessary that you truly understand what their needs are.

You must understand that everyone needs help with something. If you can be the one that both finds out what they need help with and provides that help, then you truly deserve to be paid.

If you do not sell in this case then you have done a disservice and if do you sell you have made a wonderful demonstration of the fact that “selling is love.”

Reflect: How can you better serve the clients that you have? Where do you provide value where others fall short? Where is there a lack of attention in the market?

Look how blogger Elizabeth Muhmood Kane of Bridal Musings better served her audience by recognizing that there was a lack of diversity in the wedding industry. She took a stand and at the same time earned increased solidarity with the very people she could best serve by highlighting her desire for change.

If you are still not cozy with the idea that “selling is love” but you see how valuable shifting your mindset could be then consider disrupting your habits and environment a little bit.

My next guest post will explain one way to prime your mindset shifting muscle. I’ll talk about how I started a 30 day mindset shifting Facebook group and invited friends. I generated as much income from a new product that I have traditionally generated from my existing products.

Before you head off, make a comment below.

Do you hate selling? Do you love it? How is your attitude affecting your income? Is anyone unfairly being neglected within your market?


Eathan Janney is a technophile and entrepreneur whose piano care business and training program, Floating Piano Factory, has been profiled in the Wall Street Journal. He founded the 30 Days of Selling Group to change help change your mindset about selling so that you can bring your full value to the world.