By David James

Would you love to wake up to an influx of sales or leads in your email inbox every day? Who wouldn’t right?

Double Your Wedding Business Revenue in the Next 12 Months

There are a ton of service providers in the wedding industry who struggle to pay the bills because they aren’t getting enough sales or leads for their business.

You already have access to some great content and useful marketing articles on the Book More Brides blog, such as How I started my wedding business only using Google Adwords and Want more $$$ in your wedding business bank account. However, we want to share a few additional marketing tactics that we’ve found to be effective.

Implement exit pop-ups.

Our team wasn’t sure about using exit pop-ups on our site in the beginning. After reviewing results, it was shocking to see the value this tool provided. Exit pop-ups added a healthy number of inbound inquiries through our site

The strategy we suggest provides an incentive offer or asks people to sign-up to our subscriber list just before they leave our website. This simple technique landed our business 2 leads that are potentially worth an extra $1,000! That’s huge for a small business.

So how did we do it?   Leadpages exit pop-ups is the tool we implemented.  There also other very reputable alternatives on the market such as Opt-in Monster and Sumo. Go check them all out to see which would be best for your strategy.

Use the data to improve who you are targeting.

Entrepreneur John Wanamaker famously said that he wastes half of his money on advertising. The only problem was he didn’t know which half.  

It is a real advantage to own a business in the digital marketing age. There is an ample selection of measuring tools on the marketing that can cut down on waste while allowing your business to precisely target your the customer for cheap! 

For example, if you have a website, you should have Google Analytics installed. You can use the data in the audience fields and in the behavior fields to really understand your website’s visitors and their interests. You can uncover opportunities that will motivate people to inquire, refer, or engage with your business.

Did we mention Google Analytics is a free tool?! A wealth of knowledge about your website visitors is easily accessible and it costs you nothing!

Retarget people that have already expressed an interest in your wedding services.

Many wedding vendors that are new to marketing make the mistake of trying to target everybody. It is critical to properly target your ideal customer. This will help your business image and bottom-line thrive. 

A quick win you can implement now is targeting people that have already expressed an interest in what you are offering.

This might include:

  • Previous visitors to your website that have been tagged with a remarketing cookie.
  • Engaged  Facebook fans.
  • People that have engaged with any of your advertisements.
  • Individuals who have signed up to be on your marketing list.

Attract people by publishing credible content.

Publishing blogs, videos, or images on the web can work wonders for generating inbound leads. It helps with getting your website and your business discovered online.

Larsen Jewellery recently published some helpful videos on their blog and their YouTube channel, which helps their business get discovered by people that already have rings or people that are looking for engagement or wedding rings.

This video is a great example of how content can help generate long-term leads.


These tactics are very effective over the long-term. If you want score inbound leads for your wedding business every day, then we suggest that you implement these tips now!

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