Dina Eisenberg of Outsource Easier is Da Bomb when it comes to outsourcing.

We met Dina way back when Book More Brides was a newborn, and she inspired us with her delightful positivity and dazzling smile. She knows both the wedding industry AND the world of easy outsourcing, so I’ve turned to her for some tips.

(You can check out her outsourcing course or contact Dina for a free strategy session here.)

If you could get wedding pros to do ONE thing when it comes to outsourcing, what would it be?

If I could get wedding pros to do one outsourcing project, I’d be dancing a jig for days.

Just start!

What people fear most is the unknown. Once you use Upwork or Fiverr one time you begin to see it’s not so scary.

When you get a great outcome, which is possible when you follow the process, then you are addicted and looking for more things to take off your plate.

It allows you to focus your attention squarely on your bride.  She hired you to be her rock. You can be that for her when you know the details are in good hands.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made with outsourcing?

My biggest two mistakes I’m happy to share.

The first big mistake was a rookie mistake, for sure.

I posted my job as public and all hell broke loose. I had 89 sellers contact me in a hour and I had to take the posting down.

Overwhelmed, I spent time responding to each seller to explain why they didn’t get hired. (It felt like the right thing to do and I didn’t know not to do that).

The downside is it took me a week to reply. The upside is I learned what it takes to be a great buyer who sellers want to work with.

Second big mistake was not having a backup freelancer.  

I sent my book off to have the interior designed and was assured it would be back well before launch date.  Didn’t happen.

I missed my launch because my seller had a sick daughter.

Now, I always have a A and B (backup) teammate in place, just in case.  I learned that it’s my responsibility to mind deadlines and have alternate plans.

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