The internet has been abuzz about Periscope being the next big social media platform ever since it officially launched in March of 2015.  But does it live up to the hype when it comes to the wedding business?

Let’s explore why you should care and how real wedding professionals are using it to build their businesses.

Is Periscope a “Thing?”

Periscope is a live streaming app that allows you to broadcast live streaming video any time, any place from your mobile phone.  Broadcasts are organized by geographic location, so you can drop in on live streaming videos from around the world.

The replay of your broadcast is available on Periscope for 24 hours.  It’s also easily recorded and stored with services like so that you can share it on other social media as long as you like.

Periscope’s uniqueness lies in its ability to blend real time video, social sharing, live discussions and feedback into an addictive interactive experience.

You can learn how to set up your Periscope account here.

Who Is Periscope For?

I’m not going to tell you that Periscope is for everyone, or that every wedding pro “needs” to be on it.  That’s bull crap.

There are a thousand ways to attract leads, and you’re the best judge of whether or not this new social media darling is right for you.

With that said, Periscope is the fastest growing social media network to date.  (That’s right; it’s beating Facebook and Pinterest!)  Big corporations are slowly getting involved, but there’s an opportunity for small, nimble businesses—like yours and mine–to establish an audience now.

Periscope is best for:

•    A wedding pro who wants an intimate way to engage couples.  One of Periscope’s most awe-inspiring features is the ability for viewers to ask questions and get a live response immediately from the broadcaster.  It’s less like “watching a video” and more like having a real time conversation.

•    Wedding pros who present well on video (DJs, entertainers and outgoing personalities immediately come to mind.)  Periscope is informal and shot with your phone, which means you’ll need to be comfortable appearing in live video.

•    Wedding pros who are masters of creating valuable resources that establish expertise.  You have an unparalleled opportunity to share the tips, inspirational ideas and resources that brides love with Periscope. Host a live Q&A session, create a DIY tutorial or show off the features of your newest product or service.

•    Wedding pros who can think on their feet.  The medium is live and uncut.  You don’t need video editing skills or artistry to pull it off.  What you do need is the ability to field questions and think on the fly.

•    Wedding businesses with an established social media presence or who are actively building one.  You’ll need to promote your Periscope in order to get results with it.  Periscope doesn’t (yet) have a feature enabling users to search by topic or hashtag.  You’ll need to promote your Periscope to your audience via your blog, email list, Twitter and Facebook to see real results.

8 Ways to Use Periscope For Your Wedding Business

There’s no question Periscope can be an effective marketing tool for a wedding business.  Savvy wedding pros are already exploring the options.

Now is the perfect time to establish a presence on Periscope because it’s easier to get eyeballs with less competition than on any other social media network.

Check out these ideas for using Periscope to attract wedding leads.

#1 – Share behind the scenes Real Wedding Inspiration.

One thing couples love is indulging in wedding inspiration.  Pull out your phone before your next wedding and shoot a live behind the scenes look into the details.

Keshawn Hughes of Event Passion (@EventPassion on Periscope) shared three short videos of her pre-wedding setup at the wedding below, talking through the details of what her team had done and giving a shout out to her peers.

#2 – Give your couples a “sneak peek” preview of your preparations for their wedding.

There’s nothing more exciting for a couple than seeing the details of their wedding come to life before their eyes.

If you specialize in design, a live video capturing your work assembling flowers or invitations (for example) will give them something to talk about, and provide evidence of your expertise for other couples who might consider hiring you.

#3 – Broadcast live from the wedding.

When you’re in the thick of the action at the wedding, broadcast a Periscope highlighting the First Dance or a toast.  You might even let your couple know beforehand so they can invite guests who can’t attend the wedding to follow your Periscope and tune in live.

@DianaTDesigns on Periscope shared this Pujab first dance at a wedding.


#4- Share quick tips or answer FAQs.

One of the best ways to demonstrate your expertise is to give couples a taste of your knowledge and advice in video.  Periscope is perfect for an informational series of weekly tips or answering the frequently asked questions of your clients.

@BridalBoost on Periscope shared this broadcast, “5 Ways to Negotiate With Your Venue.”  This professional sells immune system supplements to brides.  Look at all the “hearts” this video earned!


#5 – Host a tutorial.

Nothing earns the respect of brides or grooms faster than teaching them how to do something for the wedding.

Demonstrate a DIY technique such as how to assemble a bouquet, or teach couples how to pin on a boutonniere or write a thank you letter properly.

#6 – Broadcast the insider’s perspective on a bridal show.

Fashion conscious brides are in love with bridal shows, but they can’t always attend them in person.  Broadcast your video live from your front row seat and tap into that captive audience.

@WeddingStyle on Periscope shared this bridal fashion runway walk.


#7 – Interview other wedding professionals.

Running short on tips to share with your audience?  Interview a fellow wedding pro for their best tips and advice.  A bridal show or networking event is the perfect chance to capture a quick video.

When you promote your Periscope, tag the wedding pro you interviewed in the post.  They’ll share it with their audience because you’ve made them look like an expert, introducing you to a whole new audience of couples in the process.

#8 – Share the story of how you got into the wedding business.

Couples want to work with people they like who inspire them.  Share the story of how you started your wedding business and your passion for your couples.

Promote Your Periscope

If you want to get maximum exposure out of your Periscope, you’ll need a promotional strategy before, during and after your broadcast.

Before: invite your fans and followers to join you live.

During: give shout outs to those who join you and encourage them to “heart” your Periscope or ask questions.

After: share your broadcast via your social media network.  Be sure to tag your couples and the other wedding pros you have mentioned.  Your couples will share it because you’re making them look good, your wedding business peers will share it because you’re praising their work, and you’ll attract targeted leads.

Have you tried Periscope?  What do you think?