complaints vs satisfied clients

Well, do you?  Regardless of whether it is your own business, or a job where you’re making an hourly wage to be there, customer service should always be your NUMBER ONE priority.

This is just my two cents.  My humble opinion.  BUT I also like to think it is common sense, too?
The blog I’m going to post a link to here in a minute states a VERY good point.  When customers are dissatisfied with a service, a product or a person, they are quick to jump on that information super-highway and post a review, or offer up their opinion in every conversation they have for the next week.  But how often do we hear unsolicited POSITIVE feedback??  It’s because when we’re content with a service, it doesn’t plague our minds and dig and dig and dig such as when a bad experience has made us angry.
I think it’s extremely important to receive GREAT customer service; just the same, I think it’s extremely important to give GREAT customer service.  Give and take, just as any other relationship in life.
Example.  I stroll up to the Photo Developing area of a popular chain store.  I stand there and stand there.  Finally I have to go searching for the associate who is supposed to be there.  I find her in the next department over chatting it up with her co-worker.  When I state I have been waiting and need service, I get a dirty look, not even a “Follow me” before she goes stomping back over to her station.  No hello.  No apology for unnecessary waiting.  No thank you.  No have a nice day.
I wasn’t even out of the store before I was on my phone telling someone about it.
Now at a grocery store I frequent often, most of the cashiers are young and too concerned with the cute boy at the next register to care about customer service.  However, there is this one woman that I will stand in her overly long line over an empty line in order to receive her exceptional customer service.
And you know what?  I’ve never picked up my phone to rave about her.
This blog I found is an extension of this.  Check it out, we can all use a little education in this!
Let’s use this as an opportunity to rave about the GOOD customer service we’ve received, shall we?  Share some stories!

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