Many companies have one or the other, or both. So the question has arisen whether you even need a separate website if you have a successful Facebook page. According to Cynthia Boris’s article she sites Stephen Haines, commercial director of Facebook UK as saying that you don’t need a separate website from you Facebook page. So what are the actual pros and cons of the question?

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The pros of only having a Facebook page are the fact that the interaction is greater, and people are more apt to view your page on a daily basis, while they may only view your website once or twice a month at the most. The cons of not having a website are the fact that you don’t have ownership of your site, are limited with what you can do on the Facebook page, and you can only connect with people who are already on Facebook.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    For sure we need all the cover/exposure that we can have/afford.Even high profile companies continue to advertise to ensure that they keep the number one brand & position-Coca Cola,Cadbury’s,Aviva,B.T,Unilever,Sky,British Gas-to name just a few-
    Thank you-Beverleyxx

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