Angry_BrideWedding businesses shouldn’t get a bad reputation online. They help brides create the perfect day right? Well the thing is if a bride has anything go wrong on her wedding day she is going to be furious. It might be that you just had a bad day, that something went technically wrong that was out of your control, but to a bride, she is too emotionally invested to understand that. So what does she do? She posts about it online of course.

Have you checked what people are saying about your business on websites other than your own? While you can’t always wipe the slate clean from situations like this, you can work to boost the rankings of your own site, blog, and social media. For tips on how to do this check out the great article by Lyndsey. Another way to control your online image is to work to resolve the issue. You can’t help what happened on the day of the wedding, but you can do something to make it better, whether it’s a free photo shoot or a day at a spa. Yes, this costs money, but the cost if you don’t do this will be in the number of brides who refuse to book you due to one bad review. So what was the worst thing that went wrong in one of your weddings?

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