How to Get Paid More and Earn the Respect You Deserve

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In many ways wedding professionals don’t get the respect they deserve. Wedding photographers are criticized by peers for “selling out” and taking an “easy” job. Wedding planners are mockingly referred to as former brides who just didn’t want to stop planning the wedding. Wedding DJs are stereotyped as obnoxious, cheesy hacks who “just play music.” Insert the business of any

How To Make Business Personal

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Social network has opened the door to giving that personal touch that brides have been looking for in the wedding vendors that they choose to work with. Catherine posted on WeddingWire Pros that according to Gary Vanderchuk they don’t just want to hear about the brand, they want to know that your company is human. Don’t just post updates. Find

How Can I Convince Brides of My Value Immediately?

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Are you sick of getting emails from brides who only seem to want to know about price? Not if you’re available, not the quality of your service, but HOW MUCH? You know you do excellent work.  That’s not the problem.  How do you convince her that you’re worth the price? There are some very specific actions you can take that

No Thanks DJ

I recently ran across a conversation on a DJ chat board about a blog called No Thanks, DJ. The focus of the site ( done in a pretty humorous way ) is to point out some of the less than professional conduct of a few DJs out there.  You could just as easily make a site called No Thanks, Caterer

How Your Biggest Competition is Your Best Friend

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Do you hate your competition? I remember feeling scared the first time I went to a local wedding professionals’ networking meeting.  All my biggest competitors were RIGHT THERE. What if I accidentally gave away one of my secrets?  Would they steal my ideas? But networking with our direct competitors has been responsible for generating thousands of dollars of revenue for