With the rise of the do it yourself wedding trend, it seems there are two camps: those who violently oppose DIY for weddings and those who are embracing the trend.

One such company is Story Mix media, whose DIY wedding video service was recently featured on ABC local news.  You can check out the video below:

Wedding at titanic

The Con

The do it yourself wedding trend can be threatening to the wedding professional who charges full price and delivers a professional level product.  Uneducated brides and grooms may be fooled into thinking they can get a professional quality product or service at a bargain cost by doing it themselves.

If DIY wedding options are assumed to be the equivalent in service and quality to hiring a professional, it could seriously hurt a wedding business.

The Pro

DIY is NOT just about saving money.  After the Recession, couples shifted their focus to products and services that bring a sense of meaning to the wedding.  For many, doing some of the details themselves or involving guests in their day makes everything much more personal and meaningful.

It’s hard to imagine a couple expecting to get the same quality video shot by their guests and quickly edited as they would by hiring a videographer with professional equipment to capture their day.  For example, the couple interviewed in this video would never have hired a professional videographer, but they chose the Story Mix Media option.  These are two entirely different products serving two entirely different markets.

Thinking outside the box to serve the do it yourself wedding market can open up your services to new groups of people who would never have considered hiring you. If you can create both a DIY option and a full-service professional option for your wedding business (an idea the brilliant marketer Christine Boulton has often suggested) you can make money by serving BOTH markets.

So DIY is on the rise.  Do you think we should fight the trend or go with it?  Leave a comment and tell us what you think!

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