To blog or not to blog

There really is no better way to increase interest in your wedding business website than to guest blog on someone else’s website. A guest blog is where you write an article about something of interest for another website. For instance, a wedding business owner would write something interesting about weddings such as how to hire a photographer, or wedding bloopers you should avoid. A guest blog article is not a place where you spend the entire time pushing your business. You simply write about weddings in a way that will benefit both the blog owner and your business. You will include information about yourself and your business including a link back to your website at the end of the article in an “about the author” blurb.

The perks of guest blogging come from the fact that it creates an in-bound link back to your site, sets you up as an expert in the wedding industry, and tells Google that they need to take notice of your business. Successful online marketing is dependent on businesses creating solid relationships with others online. It is what gives a business the backbone behind all their other marketing efforts and makes their marketing much more successful. The more places you are online, the more likely it is for brides to find you, and take your business into serious consideration. If you want to try your hand at guest blogging check out this article by Terra Dawn on Bridal Tweet for an in-depth break down of where to get started and what you have to do.

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