How To Book Your First Destination Wedding

Book Destination Weddings

Have you ever been to Starbucks? It’s this little chain of restaurants that sells coffee. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. Go to one (or actually, most coffee houses), order a drink, have a seat, and before long, you’re bound to overhear a conversation that goes like something like this: “Ohmygosh, Brit, you have GOT to […]

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4 Things You Must Do Before Planning Destination Weddings

By Lindsay Landman Destination weddings are serious business.  It is not just planning a beautiful wedding in a beautiful location away from your home base – it requires a whole different strategy from timing to travel to execution. Before you dive into the destination market, check out top tips from Lindsay Landman, recently named one […]

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How to Book (and Charge for) Destination Weddings

There are great benefits to being known as a destination wedding photographer, planner or makeup artist. You get to travel around the country — or world! — all expenses paid. But, let’s be honest, it’s never that easy and not always as fun as it sounds. Focus on a Narrow Market While it is a […]

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