By Sam Brown

If you’re keen to book more weddings, you’ve probably investigated a range of marketing options. From local print advertising to Facebook ads and special promotions, there are lots of avenues you may be considering pursuing to get your service noticed.


Content marketing for wedding business


Among these options, you’ve almost certainly read about the benefits of content marketing. For many smaller wedding planners and services, “content marketing” can sound somewhat intimidating, especially if you’re an individual or small team without much digital or marketing experience.

From talk of consumer journeys and buyer personas, to think pieces on native content and evergreen content, there’s a seemingly endless amount to know about content marketing.

In reality, however, content marketing is only as complex as you make it. Even at its most basic level, this online marketing technique can be very beneficial for businesses of all sizes – and it can be very cost-effective to orchestrate.

Given that almost every search for a service now begins online, maximizing your exposure and reach on the internet is extremely important – and only going to become more so.

According to a report by Nielsen, 63% of consumers making use of a service first looked up information online. Meanwhile, year-on-year unique traffic is 7.8x higher for businesses which are proactive and effective when it comes to content marketing.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to grab the bull by the horns and to start marketing with content. Here are a few tips to help you get the ball rolling…

Make it good

Team on laptop

This might sound like obvious advice, but many people go into content marketing thinking about the keywords, building an evergreen strategy or creating clickbait. While it’s very useful for large companies with specialist digital marketing departments to take this strategic approach from the word go, SMEs and smaller operations will often do best by focussing on making something that’s actually GOOD!

Be unique

Ok, what does this really mean? Aside from creating something high-quality and well-written, you should also be creating something that is unique. If you’ve seen a wedding flower glossary on a competitor’s website, why waste your resources (unless you can do 100 times better)? Find a different angle to common topics that will stir interest.

Give a little

Give value to the customer


Your content should also be written with a “value offering” mindset.

What does your target audience enjoy?

What are their interests?

How do these things dovetail with your service?

Use these questions to come up with articles, infographics, images, videos, how to guides, podcasts and much more which are useful, enjoyable and/or attention-grabbing.

Be resourceful

There are lots of different assets your wedding-related business can turn into content consumers will want to click on.

Perhaps you have an inbox full of common bridal queries? Well, you can turn into a helpful advice video or Q&A article?

Maybe your computer is full of pictures of the work you’ve completed at weddings?  How about creating an eye-catching gallery!

You could have a wealth of unique wedding recipes, videos, “thanks yous” and much more at your disposal. All of these resources are just waiting to be converted into interesting digital content.

Publish Widely

World wide web


If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? If you publish amazing content but nobody knows about it, will it benefit your business? Perhaps, eventually. However,  not as much as it will if you publish your amazing new digital content as far and as wide as possible.

Use all of your social channels to share your content, helpful tools like Hootsuite can help you schedule social messages so your followers never miss a new post.

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Author Sam Brown

Sam Brown is a writer and editor who is based in the North of England. His work covers numerous areas including business and marketing, and he also looks after the Shelf Edge blog, alongside freelance writing jobs and the odd bit of fiction.