A while back we asked a powerful question on our Book More Brides Facebook page

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever heard a bride (or a guest) say?

We got some amazingly ridiculous, crazy answers, and they’re still coming in!!  These truly outrageous quotes made us realize that we just have to share them. This one comes from Joseph Paul of Joseph Paul Photography.

Crazy things brides guests say...

What’s the craziest thing you’ve heard a bride say?  Leave us a comment, and if we like your bride’s crazy we’ll come up with an image for it and post it here.

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4 thoughts on “Crazy Things Brides Say Part 7”

  1. Janis Flagg says:

    I was hired as a Day-of-Coordinator for a wedding and the bride had already designed a timeline for her wedding. When I reviewed it, I was shocked when she had spelled out roles for her parent’s as well as her fiancé’s parents. Their individual job descriptions were all spelled out as “To look good and say nice things.”

  2. The Brides mother said to me the Minister/Officiant – “Has anyone seen the Minister yet ? ”
    My reply was … Hello I am Reverend Susan, happy to know my disguise is working today.

    Or a question by a young bride just before the ceremony was ” Am I supposed to feel totally lost, confused and extremely nervous ?” My reply was yes its completely normal.

  3. Mke berrios says:

    Co,moments are crazy! Guest says to Dj “you need to play _________. It will get everybody dancing!”. Dj looks on the dancerfloor ….It’s packed!

  4. Chad says:

    The hall lost the AC and it was very hot inside, the bride was already 3 sheets in the wind, when I introduced them for the Father / Daughter Dance – the Bride yelled out in front of her guests ” Will someone turn the god dam AC on, it’s too fucking hot in here and I want to dance with my fucking father” all the guests just didn’t know what to think and most of them left after that note.

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