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Hola, fellow wedding vendor!

In the name of brevity, let’s get right to the point.

Sometimes I struggle with IDEAS about what to blog about.  Anything that gives me a helping hand with that is quite welcome.

Without further ado, here is a cool little site I came across to help you generate content.

You’re welcome.


I helped you out, now why don’t you help me and the other wedding vendors who visit this site.

How do you get ideas when you’re stuck?

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Jeff Padovani

Jeff Padovani is a professional musician, wedding business marketing strategist and resident wise ass at Book More Brides. He’s the “big ideas” mastermind behind the many business ventures (and misadventures!) he enjoys with his wife, Stephanie.

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4 thoughts on “Cool Free Tool: WD40 for the Stuck Wedding Blogger”

  1. Eve says:

    Great website – thanks for sharing – even though I am writing on my blog in french – I can translate and get great blog post ideas !

  2. Suzette says:

    Hi, Jeff! Thanks for the info. You do have two typos, though. The phrase should be, “without further ado” (“adieu” is “farewell” or “good bye” in French), and it should be “you’re welcome” instead of “your welcome”.

    …And you’re welcome. Adieu!

    1. Grammar, not my strength! Maybe I should stick to video 😉

  3. Michelle says:

    Great post Jeff!
    I just had some real fun playing with the content generator. Most of the results made me laugh out loud, but a couple definitely gave me some quirky blog post ideas. Looking forward to reading some of your resulting “Death by Dj” or “Top 10 songs to break out of jail to” posts soon. 😉

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