Understanding your context is crucial. What does that mean for a wedding business? It means connecting your product or service, or even what you say to the context of your audience. Connect your product to what your bridal client needs, and what they are facing at the moment.

In today’s world utilizing bulk advertising where you have one advertisement and stick to it isn’t just last year, it’s ten years ago. You’ll notice when you watch TV that each brand and company has at least three adds, if not more, all approaching the same subject from a completely different angle. They are trying to accomplish that connection with their audience, and realize that because the competition is so fierce (the wedding industry has probably the most fierce competition of all!) they have to make it personal to each and every person out there. 

Eric Vreeland’s take on Gary Vaynerchuk’s interview regarding “Context Marketing” is that if you have a product or service, and you don’t feel like anyone would be receptive to it yet, you should wait until things change. Meanwhile go after things that people are looking for, and connect with them where they are at!

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