money plantWhen you’re really stuck needing money for your business one of the first things to think about is getting a wedding business loan. If your business is to a point where you really need the extra funding, you have a plan of how you’ll use it (that would not be on the groceries to feed your family) and you know you’ll be able to pay it back, a loan may very well be your best option. However, if you actually want to walk out of the bank with the loan there are several things you need to do before walking through their doors.

Catherine Clifford points out in her article that the very first thing you need to get a loan is a business plan. This isn’t a one sentence blurb about what you do and how great you are. A business plan is a full plan of action from who you are, what you do, and where you are going, to the nuts and bolts of how your business works and what steps of action you will be taking in the next year. This is the one thing that lenders absolutely require to even consider your application. Make sure to read Catherine’s article for more information on what you need to get a business loan.

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