How Can I Compete With Undercutting Competition?

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“I am thinking about that belief about how my competition devalues my services, and want to overcome it and convince brides that I am worth the extra money. Since I’ve started my group, I have gotten some church gigs, a couple of gigs playing for nursing homes, a tree lighting, and 1 wedding. When I […]

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The Naked Truth About Wedding Collectives and Referral Groups

Wedding Vendor Showcase

Question: Are wedding collectives worth it? “I have a question of the week for you – regarding ‘wedding collectives.’ [Wedding collectives are exclusive groups of wedding professionals who form a group to attract couples and usually offer some kind of discount for hiring members.] My questions: Are these useful to join? Is it common for […]

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How to Be a Branding Bad Ass Like Stone Fox Bride

Red Wedding Shoes

When Molly Guy got engaged in 2010 she was “super bummed” with the Manhattan wedding industry. Everything was frills and lace, formal, ultra-traditional and utterly not her. Her own disappointing search for cool and edgy bridal fashions inspired Stone Fox Bride, a Manhattan bridal boutique curating handmade, local designs. It literally “flips the bird” at […]

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What You Need to Know About Your Competition

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COMPETITION. That word can mean lost business and strike fear into the heart of some wedding pros. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  You can learn how to make your business truly stand to the point where you no longer have competitors. Your biggest rivals can become networking partners and help you generate […]

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The Secret to Standing Out That No One Talks About

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We’re obsessed with standing out from the competition, and why wouldn’t we be? In an over-saturated market with dozens of new wedding “professionals” sprouting up each week, standing out isn’t just something that would be nice to have; it’s a necessity for the survival of your wedding business. So begins the desperate search for something […]

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What Your Wedding Business Can Learn From Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Las Vegas.  Sin City.  Land of Elvis, Entertainment Capital of the World, internationally famous monument to 24 hour sensory indulgence. Jeff and I visited Las Vegas last week to present at the Mobilebeat Convention (Shout out to our DJ brothers and sisters!) and I found myself wondering… What Las Vegas teach us about the wedding […]

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Two Questions That Can Transform Your Wedding Business

Question Road

It’s my goal to learn something new to use in our wedding business whenever I go somewhere new. Geeky, I know, but as my step-son would say, “That’s how I roll.” Attending the 50th birthday/promotion celebration for one of Jeff’s childhood friends was no exception. As a totally unrelated side note, we both learned something […]

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