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It’s a question we hear from a lot of wedding pros: “How can I prove my value to prospective clients who only seem to care about price?”  You know you are great at what you do, but how do you convince them that you’re worth it?

Communicating the value of what you have to offer can be tricky; but the strategies we’ve given in the articles below can help:

How Can I Convince Brides of My Value Immediately?

Learn the specific actions you need to take to demonstrate your value immediately so you don’t end up in the price question trap.

How Do I Educate Brides About My Value?

Find out why attempts to “educate” and convince the bride about your value undermine her trust and why understanding her is essential before she can understand the value of your services.

4 Steps That Prove to the Bride You’re Worth It

Find out why it’s your job to translate the cost of your services into a currency the bride and groom understand as valuable, and how to do it.

5 Powerful Strategies to Wow Couples and Prove Your Value

Learn the strategies for communicating your value to price-focused couples at the consultation or initial meeting that can apply to any wedding professional.

How do you convince prospects you are worth it?

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