trap vs attract

Seems like all the wedding professionals are jumping on the social media band wagon these days.  Does it really live up to the hype?

While I feel that, in the pros and cons of things, there are plenty of cons to social marketing, I feel there are lots of pros!  However, I also feel that there will always be a place for “old school” sales.

I would rather listen to someone who has been around the block a time or two versus a new kid still wet behind the ears.  Let’s face it, the old-school salesman most likely is not the one behind the keyboard on Twitter!  He may also be more reputable and trustworthy as well.

What today’s successful salesman needs is the trustworthiness of “old-school” and the savviness of today’s direction in technology.  And they need character!  Read here for some more information on today’s successful and skilled salesperson!

Do you classify yourself as more old school or new age wedding marketer??

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