Cancellation and Refund Details

Our Unconditional “Book More Brides” Or Your Money Back Guarantee

If you purchase one of our training products and within the first 30 or 60 days of purchase (as specified by the offer)  you aren’t convinced that the information we share will help you attract more of the brides you want, improve your advertising and make booking brides easier than ever, we’ll refund your money 100%.

No questions asked.

We’re taking all the risk because we believe this will be the absolute best investment for your wedding business success that you could possibly make.

If you aren’t convinced within that 30 days of purchase, just email us to cancel and you get a complete refund.

Our Rapid Growth Guarantee

If within six months of purchase you have implemented the strategies as instructed and do not see any results, we will extend your Rapid Growth membership and personally work with you another six months until you do.

To qualify for this guarantee you must supply proof of the actions you have taken in the form of completed worksheets and implementation on your website, email, etc., because without action this system cannot work for you!

Acceleration Membership Subscription

You will be billed either monthly or annually for your Acceleration Membership, according to the subscription option you’ve chosen.

If you wish to cancel, simply email us with the name associated with your account and let us know.

WARNING:  Once your membership is cancelled you will no longer have access to the Acceleration membership area or the downloads.  Please be sure to download anything you’d like to keep before requesting your cancellation.

You will also lose your current low rate which is locked in as long as your membership remains current.

You must contact us 7 days before your next billing date in order to cancel before your next subscription payment.