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How Can I Network to Get Leads On Facebook?

“I’ve heard that Facebook is great for networking with other wedding professionals, so I’d like to connect with them there. I have no problem finding their businesses pages, but I’m having a hard time finding their personal profiles.

How can I easily find and ‘friend’ with other wedding pros’ personal accounts on Facebook?”

Answer: A great Facebook networking strategy needs a few tricks and a process.

Yes! Networking with other wedding professionals on Facebook is a killer way to build referral relationships and get leads.

Despite what some people say about keeping your business and personal profiles completely separate on Facebook, we are in the people business, and we’re networking personally with other real people. It makes sense to extend that networking to Facebook where people interact and build relationships naturally.

However, it can be tricky, not to mention time consuming, to locate some of the wedding professionals with whom you’d like to network.

How to Find Wedding Pros On Facebook

A couple strategies to use:

#1 – Use the Facebook search feature.

If you know the person’s name, type it into the Facebook search, select “Find all people” and it should come up. See the image below.

#2 – Connect by email.

Send them an email with a link directly to your Facebook profile asking them to connect with you. If they use Facebook and know you personally, that will work.

#3 – Use the “sneaky” method to find the page admin.

You can sometimes locate the page owner by clicking on the “About” tab on a Facebook page, but not every page gives you this information.

Here’s a sneaky little work around to try demonstrated in this video:

Next Steps For Facebook Networking

Once you’ve found the name and Facebook account of the person behind the wedding business you’d like to connect with, you can send them a friend request. Here are a few more tips for Facebook networking.

  • Get an introduction to the person before friending them, if possible. Facebook is for building relationships with real people, so it will work better if they actually know who you are.
  • Go slowly when it comes to commenting and sharing their posts. Otherwise, you could come across like a creepy Facebook stalker. Learn how to get Facebook leads without being a stalker here.
  • Create a process for finding and friending new connections after each event. This is a powerful way to build the referral relationships you’ve started.
  • Create a Facebook list just for your wedding business connections. This allows you to keep tabs on what your networking partners are doing in an easy, convenient way.
    It takes time to connect with wedding pros on Facebook, but it’s well worth it when it comes to building relationships.

What do you think about networking on Facebook?