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“I am thinking about that belief about how my competition devalues my services, and want to overcome it and convince brides that I am worth the extra money.

Since I’ve started my group, I have gotten some church gigs, a couple of gigs playing for nursing homes, a tree lighting, and 1 wedding. When I get leads, I often come up in direct competition with the group I was a former member of, and end up losing because they charge a cheap rate I just can’t compete with.

So, how would you suggest I overcome this? I know for a fact I have a superior product, and can offer superior service.

How do I convince brides that we are worth paying significantly more?”

Shifting your mindset is key to finding the solution.

It’s obvious that you’re confident in your abilities as a musician (at least, you convinced me!) so it’s probably either discomfort with the $$ value or a deeper conflict about your worth.

When you’re constantly worried about the cheaper competition, it keeps you trapped in a cycle of fear.

Instead, you could be focused on attracting leads and communicating your superior value.

Here’s what I’d do to address this issue:

1. Get out a piece of paper and write down every benefit and value you deliver to your clients.

Be exhaustive and fill at least one side of your paper and write down everything: peace of mind, that special feeling, the confidence of knowing you have their back, happy guests, better photo ops, etc.

The idea it to really convince yourself first.  Writing it down physically makes it more real, and you’ll have to overcome those thoughts of, “I don’t really do anything else…” in the process.

2. Start brainstorming about what makes you different.  

What can you do that your competitor cannot?  What can you offer or how can you offer it differently?

When you create an EXPERIENCE for your couples it connects with them emotionally and explains your value better than any sales pitch.

You can do this with your personality, your story or a mission they can get behind with you.  For example, aligning yourself with a charity will irresistibly attract couples who also believe in the cause.

It begins with understanding the experience your ideal couple is after.  What do they want?  What don’t they want?  What words do they use to express it?

Time for some tough love: I checked out your website and it doesn’t create an experience of uniqueness.  It looks homemade and doesn’t mention weddings or the concerns of couples at all.

Creating that experience with your website is essential, since 99% of couples are going to search for you online before booking.

3. Connect with the other wedding pros who can send you the referrals you want.

I’m guessing venues, churches and officiants are a good start.  How can you meet them, find a way to help them and win them over?

One idea: you might offer your services to a venue for their tasting.  Another strategy we love is interviewing them for a featured article; almost no one can resist free promotion and it gets you in the door.

Focus on what you CAN do and forget about the competition.

What you focus on grows, and we want that to be you and your business, not them!

What do you think about the undercutting competition?

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One thought on “How Can I Compete With Undercutting Competition?”

  1. Brad Lazarus says:

    Great suggestions by Stephanie.
    For me you’re facing one of the biggest issues that cover bands and musicians face – the commoditization trap.
    I like to look outside our own industry to get some perspective and ideas on how we can up our own game. Take the bottled water industry. They ALL sell exactly the same thing yet there are hundreds of water brands that are all communicating different messages. Why would you buy Evian over any other. Does the water taste better?
    A strong brand identity is more important than it ever has been. The market is flooded with musicians and bands from the hobbyists through to the full time pro. If you don’t clearly communicate what you stand for, why you’re different and what makes you a better choice than your competition you leave them no option but to make their decision but based on the price alone. Unless you’re WalMart then competing on price is a horrible strategy. If you reduce your fees and you still don’t get bookings then you’ll need to reduce them again. It’s a race to the bottom.
    To build on Stephanie’s points I would take the time to create the very best promo video you can. This is the calling card for bands and musicians today. You can’t really get to the next level without one in my view. Most bands will just have a showreel that shows them performing. That’s fine but it’s boring and you’ll lose the the viewer fast.
    In my view a showreel should act like an advert for your band. Keep it under 3 mins, grab their attention in the first 30 seconds (first 15 is better!), showcase up to 5 or 6 of your tracks that show the breadth of what you perform, use on screen annotations that include – what you perform, testimonial quotes and any other info that you feel will be helpful to the prospect (Steph mentioned benefits, these can go on aswell). I would also recommend you record some talking head footage of you doing a Q&A (like an FAQ page but filmed). Cut this with the footage. It keeps the viewers interest clearly communicates your messages.
    Video doesn’t have to be really expensive. If you think outside the box you can get someone to film you for a very reasonable fee (eg student). You can film yourself doing the Q&A on your iphone and you can edit on a number of totally free editing softwares eg Windows Movie Maker etc etc.
    Top and tail the whole video with your logo and you’ve got yourself a powerful sales tool that’ll really help you cut through the competition.
    Hope that’s helpful.
    Brad @ Gigging Success

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