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How Can I Book Weddings When My Service Is an Afterthought?

“Our largest obstacle right now is that Floral Preservation is that it seems to be an ‘after thought.’  We are trying very hard to get in front of the bride earlier.  Floral Preservation is also not listed as a Vendor on most online services.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!”


Answer: Find them when they’re looking for you with SEO optimization and business partnerships.

Hi, Kodie.

You’re not kidding!  Your business really IS an after thought, as in they aren’t thinking about it until the flowers are already wilting.  🙂

We did some work with wedding gown preservationists, and they had a similar problem.  Brides weren’t interested in preserving the dress until after the wedding…when the budget was already spent.  Connecting with these brides through traditional means proved very challenging.

It’s very difficult to get someone to buy before they are ready, especially when it’s something they don’t know they need.

However, if you can figure out when couples start thinking about their flowers and how they are going to wilt and die after the wedding, you can figure out how to intercept them at just the right time.

5 Strategies to Find Those Leads

1. Do some keyword research around “bridal bouquet preservation” or “wedding flower preservation.”  Notice which keyword phrases couples are searching for and optimize your website and blog content to attract them.

2. Connect with florists and create some packages just for them.  Florists are there when couples are most excited about the flowers, and most likely to be thinking about how nice it would be to preserve them.

3. Price your packages so that you can give the florists a nice commission for booking them.  This way the florist looks good for recommending you, and both of you get to make money.

4. Connect and partner with wedding gown preservationists.  People who preserve the wedding gown are more likely to preserve their flowers.  Check out these 3 Partnership Strategies to Boost Your Bridal Business.

5. Determine when couples start thinking about your service and send targeted mailings at that time.  Bridal show lead lists usually include the wedding date.

If there are people looking for you, there is always a way to find them.  It just takes a little research to uncover where and when they’re searching for you.

How do you find couples who are searching for you?  Leave a comment and share your experience.

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