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The stats are in. It isn’t just important to market within social media, it’s crucial. According to the article by Kristina Knight citing a Nielsen study 70% of people who spend time on social media are shopping and buying online. That means that the market on social sites is ready, primed, and experienced with online shopping, and expects that businesses are going to be there.

While many businesses are still working on getting websites up the majority of the younger generations have been shopping and buying online for at least ten years, usually closer to 20 or more and most of the older generations aren’t that far behind. The reality is that businesses have fought the internet boom and have been following the mistaken belief that the internet was a fad and therefore are scrambling to catch up.

With all of the interest in shopping online you can believe that most brides are going to at least try to shop online for the businesses they need for the wedding. If the businesses aren’t there it is going to limit the brides options as she may never find the best shops and businesses that are a little off the beaten path. Get your name out there. Not just in your community but online in the places that help you get found. What do you think?

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