What to Say When Following Up with Brides

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As a wedding vendor, you have leads coming in from bridal shows, referrals, social media, and website forms. The question arises, what do you say when it comes time to follow up? Here are a few tips to use when planning your method of reaching out to your potential clients: 1. Make it personal – Use their name As easy

4 Creative Bridal Show Strategies

If you go to a wedding show and do simply do what everyone else does, you’re not going to stand out. That’s how you blend in. That kind of defeats the purpose, right? WARNING: if you really want to get noticed, it means being different. It means taking a chance on something that might not work and it feels risky.

4 Better Alternatives to Bridal Show Leads

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Sure, bridal shows are where the brides hang out. That makes them a premiere opportunity to get found and booked. But what if you hate bridal shows? Or what if you’re tired of risking your hard-earned money for a wedding show that may or may not deliver? Attending a bridal show certainly isn’t for everyone. Here’s something those show producers

The Secret to Booking Bridal Show Leads With Email Follow Up

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“How Should I Follow Up After the Wedding Show?” “I would really appreciate it if you could help me with an email to send to people that visit our booth at bridal shows and follow up emails after. “We are a full service travel agency – and for the past year we have been trying to specialize more in the

4 Steps to Stand Out and Get Quality Leads at a Bridal Show

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By Al Harris, Mile Maker Images Should you attend a bridal expo? Are they good or bad? This is a debate that usually starts a fire storm. So if you’re against them, quit reading here. But if you are not, read on. We attend any open house, any expo, any event where there’ll be brides. It’s my policy. And I

Featured Wedding Superhero: Joel Nisleit, Photographer

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Are bridal shows a waste of money? Some say they get their best leads from bridal shows. Others claim they’re worthless. The debate rages on. It takes great courage to share an experience when it doesn’t work out the way you’d planned. Joel Nisleit of Joel Nisleit Photography shared his hard-earned lessons about exactly what works — and what doesn’t

3 Mistakes You Make at Bridal Shows

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Whether you are attending a bridal show as an engaged couple, or staffing a booth as a wedding vendor, bridal shows are work. Couples and business owners are there for the same purpose: they want to make a match and book a wedding date. Vendors, however, you could be sabotaging your work efforts and not even realizing it. #1 –

Why We Chose Our Wedding Photographer Over the Competition

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Go to any bridal show, and it seems like every other booth is a wedding photographer. “Have camera, will shoot” seems to be the credo these days as more and more photographers are coming onto the scene. Experienced or not, the wedding photography competition is fierce, and we brides can feel it! For every time you wonder how you are

Why Can’t I Get Bridal Show Couples to Meet With Me?

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Question: “I don’t understand why I’m not booking anything from bridal shows! “I’m a wedding planner. I get lots of couples entering my contest to win a free iPad (almost 200 at the last show!) so I’m collecting my own leads.  We have a giant photo of a bulldog in a wedding gown at our booth, so they always remember

How Do You Handle Brides Using FAKE Emails at Bridal Shows?

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“Couples get bombarded with literally thousands of emails from venues, florists, photographers, etc. after a bridal show.  So they’ve started giving fake email addresses when registering. How do you follow up with them when they won’t give you a real email address?” Be Cool, Be Smart and EARN a Response Pardon me for interrupting your whine, but… If giving up