3 Signs That You Need to Dump a Prospective Bride

Last chance to run

Landing new clients is like dating – there are some brides and grooms you click with and others you don’t. While turning down work can seem like the kiss of death for your wedding business, there are times when saying “I’m just not that into you” can actually be a good thing.  When you come […]

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How to Use Neuromarketing to Book More Brides

Hand Holding Brain

Guest post by Katie Smyth. Humans are wired to seek pleasure and to avoid pain – it’s a primal and integral part of our makeup. Neuromarketing studies consumers’ reactions to marketing stimuli – in this post we’ll look at how using just one principle can book you more brides! Neuromarketing helps us understand the ‘why’ […]

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2 Reasons Why Brides Don’t Respond to Your Emails

Bride Checking Internet

One of the top questions we get from wedding pros is “why hasn’t the bride responded to my email?” Especially if they were the ones who asked for information – why are they not responding? There are two possible reasons you may not have considered: they didn’t get your email, or they didn’t even open […]

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5 Ideas for Bride Attracting Social Media Posts

Social Media Flowers

You know you need to keep your wedding business social media content fresh, but sometimes coming up with new ideas is difficult. Besides sharing your current projects and real weddings, what else should you post to attract brides ? Here are some ideas for wedding-related social media updates: 1. Love Quotes While quotes can sometimes […]

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10 Tips from Expert Wedding Bloggers

Bride and Groom

You’ve heard it time and time again – your business needs to have a blog. Having a blog allows you to show your expertise, attract new brides and grooms and increase your business, yet some wedding pros just haven’t embraced it. Don’t know what to write about or how to find time to blog in […]

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SEO Tips from a Destination Wedding Photographer

Playa del Carmen

Guest Post by Misti Marquette Cooke. This is a completely real and honest post about what I’ve learned about SEO and marketing our destination photography business from Mexico.  For many photographers, we get our first camera and think that once we learn how to use it correctly, we’ll have a cash cow on our hands! […]

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Using HARO to Get Press for Your Wedding Business

Wedding Magazine Spread

Did you know getting your wedding business mentioned in the press can be a simple as reading and responding to an email?  Well it can be if you use HARO, which stands for ‘Help a Reporter Out’.  It is a free daily email service that connects reporters, blogs and publications to people that can provide […]

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