New Wedding Article Ideas To Spice Up Your Blog

groomsmen snapshot

Wedding Blogging can be tough sometimes, especially coming up with good content that draws in readers. The very first thing you always have to remember is that your content has to be something that brides are looking to read. In other words, when you come up with an idea for a blog post ask yourself […]

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How To Get Twitter To Work In Wedding Marketing

lion and bird

  If you’ve tried Twitter and found that it hasn’t worked for you there are probably some things you could change to get followers and interaction. The point of twitter is to post ideas and thoughts in a short amount of space and to get a dialog going back and forth between you and your […]

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Ways to Use Pinterest For A Wedding Business

Pinterest board

  Pinterest is a social media platform. That said, as you probably already know, it is very, very different from anything else out there. The whole point of it is to be visual and artistic. It is more of a place to get ideas and make recommendations for products, recipes and more than a place […]

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How To Write Headlines That Work

  Everyone needs a brush up on how to write headlines now and then. Not because they can’t write a good headline, but because writing a headline that grabs your reader’s attention is crucial, and often harder to do than writing the content. Why bother even write the content if no one reads it? It’s […]

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When Written Blog Content Gets Boring Use Video

cam recorder

If you are at a loss on how increase interaction with your blog it might because readers are bored and need something to pull them back in. Torrey McGraw recommends adding videos as blog posts. Now these aren’t just any videos (although incorporating a fun video now and again helps mix things up). Remember the […]

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Why You Should Consider Using Pinterest

pinterest board

  I’ll be honest; I wasn’t a huge fan of Pinterest when it came out. It seemed like a waste of time, and I wasn’t sure what the benefit would be. However many of my friends dove in ecstatically and began extensive pin boards to plan parties, re-decorate rooms and more. The problem with Pinterest […]

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