How Do You Survive the Slow Season?

How Do You Survive the Slow Season? “What do you do to stay profitable and how do you keep your attendance high?  I live in Miami, where slow season is from June till October.” Answer: Plan ahead to keep the lights on. Our wedding season slows down during the winter here in New York, too.  […]

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How to Fire a Client

How to fire a client

What?!??  Why would you want to fire a client? The reasons are numerous, including: The client is horrible to work with. You hate the type of work. It doesn’t pay. The client is never happy. The bottom line: you get to choose who you work for, the type of work you do and how much […]

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How YouTube Videos Can Book You More Weddings

Hello bridal industry entrepreneurs! My name is Steve Stretton and I’m a writer from Photo credit: theglobalpanorama via photopin cc Over the past four years this is the exact template I’ve used to rank “How To” videos at the top of Google and YouTube search engines. With YouTube getting over 4 billion hits per […]

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5 Reasons to Do Video Marketing For Your Wedding Business

Pretty Bride with veil

Video is one of the most powerful and underused marketing tools for your business. The results of our own surveys as well as other more scientific studies reported online reveal the truth: most of your customers prefer video to any other medium. Still not convinced?  Check out these compelling reasons why you should be using […]

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How Can I Attract Couples to My Niche Wedding Blog?

wedding by the beach

 “Thank you very much for sharing some great info and wonderful advice. “My daughter got married last year, and while planning for it, I realized as a American-Muslim community, we don’t have much in the way of planning, it was all through word of mouth. Besides the blog we have spent a lot of effort […]

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3 Signs It’s Time to Fire a Client

Sometimes you just have to let them go. When we started our DJ business, the first were the class reunions.  Ugh. These clients had no budget for entertainment and the guests never wanted to dance.  All they wanted was to talk and catch up.  And God forbid you ended up with a school that had […]

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6 Steps to be More Effective on Social Media

Social Media Magnifier

Social media can either be a great way to generate new bridal leads or a big waste of time, depending on your social media plan. Don’t have one? Start now to stop wasting your time and make social media count for your wedding business. Here are 6 Steps to a Social Media  Plan: 1. Set […]

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4 Simple Ways To Increase Your Bottom Line

Unexpected Wedding

Guest post by Amy Green and Melanie Marconi, BDI Events. We founded our corporate event planning business ten years ago. The first few years were smooth sailing with predictable growth, and then…the Crash of 2008 hit! All of a sudden, our goals turned from increasing profit to cutting expenses, streamlining operations and holding tight to […]

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Does Google Adwords Work For a Wedding Business?

Couple arms in arms

Does Google Adwords Work For a Wedding Business? “How effective are Google Adwords? Though I have a regular controlled ad budget running, I have not been able to convert any leads! Is there something I am doing wrong?” Answer: Depends on what you do with it.  🙂 Does Google Adwords work?  There are thousands of […]

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