How NOT to Handle a Negative Review

Angry Bride

In the wedding industry emotions can run high for both clients and vendors. Even if you are putting forward your best work a time may come when you encounter negative comments about your wedding business, whether in an online review or through social media. While this can be frustrating, it might surprise you to know […]

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4 Dumb Things Wedding Professionals Say

mouth shut

It really ticks me off when wedding professionals say dumb things that hurt their businesses, limit their opportunities and attract negativity.  I know you don’t mean it, but that doesn’t make it any less damaging or any easier to bear. Not just because it drives me crazy–even though it does–but because I really love our […]

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How to Create an Automatic Response That Books Weddings

question mark

Question: How should I respond to email leads when they ask for prices? “Thank you for sharing your videos about the automatic expert system. I would like to implement it in my business. I have a question though about brides that contact you directly (they don’t sign up for your newsletter or the bride “bribe”). […]

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90% of All Wedding Marketing Sucks

Thumbs down

This was the REAL title of Marc MacIntosh’s presentation at the Wedding MBA last week.  He eviscerated the crappy marketing and bad advertising practices that permeate the wedding industry.   Sometimes the truth hurts, but we can all learn from it.   “We all tell the bride about the importance of hiring a professional and […]

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