Why Bridal Show Marketing Doesn’t Work For You

Bridal Show Booth

I was four years old the first time I was stung.  I was running barefoot through the grass and…yowsers!…stepped on a bee. For days I was terrified to go outside, convinced that I’d be stung again. But my mother promised that I wouldn’t get stung as long as I wore shoes.  Finally reassured, I pulled […]

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How to Break Into the Wedding Business

bridal bouquet

Question: We already have a successful business in the corporate market.  How do I start offering our services for brides and grooms? “Hi Stephanie, We are a 60 year old company. In essence, we pioneered the AV rental and production business in this market. We have a very strong corporate presence and are involved with […]

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How to Build Trust in Your Wedding Business

Trust arch

Is your wedding business trustworthy? When it comes to once-in-a-lifetime events like weddings, trust is very important. Most couples are anxious about the big day and worried that something might go wrong.  They want to know that you will follow through and make their wedding day the best it can be. So how do you […]

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Bridal Lead Services: Are They a Waste of Money and Time?

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Question: What lead generation companies will provide worthwhile leads for us? “Hi Stephanie & Jeff, We have centered our marketing efforts around resellers, as in caterers, planners, etc. offering them preferred vendor status on our website, etc. in exchange for referrals and have found this to be, for the most part unproductive. Either those vendors […]

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