4 Secrets

The Knot is one of the top visited wedding planning websites in the world.  With over 11 million unique visitors in the month of June alone from currently engaged and soon-to-be engaged couples (40% of brides surveyed visit The Knot before they’re officially engaged!) its advertising offers considerable lead opportunities.

(Stats reported by The Knot.)

While you’ll find wedding pros who love The Knot and others who swear it’s a waste of money, there is a secret recipe for maximizing your leads from your advertising listings.  I contacted The Knot to learn what their most successful advertisers have in common.

The Secret to More Leads From The Knot

#1 – Add More Photos

The more photos a wedding professional has on their Storefront, the more leads they get.

Couples are attracted to the wedding inspiration supplied by photographs.  With every click and scroll of your gallery, your leads will increase.

And not just any photos will do; you’ll need professional photos that showcase the couple enjoying your services to get the best results.

#2 – Get Real Wedding Features

Couples want to see evidence of your work and performance in a real setting.  That’s why Real Wedding features are so popular.

Take the time to submit your weddings to The Knot for publication.  Brides and grooms will be drawn to the inspiration, and your business will be advertised with the other vendors from the wedding at the end of the article.

Real weddings give couples exposure to your business in a way that shows off exactly what you do, and The Knot also recently added a feature so that your photos that have been featured also automatically appear in your Storefront.

#3 – Get More Reviews

Couples search the internet for reviews of your wedding business before they book.  That’s a given.

The more reviews you have, the more leads you get.

In fact, advertising listings with more than 10 reviews get 106% more clicks!

The Knot recognizes wedding businesses with the best reviews in their annual “The Knot Best of Weddings” program, providing additional promotion across the website and in their magazines to these businesses with the most reviews.

#4 – Display Your Reviews

The reviews you earn are powerful social proof of your expertise, but only if people can find them.

Display your reviews from The Knot and other third party sources as a widget on your website to make sure your website visitors are exposed to that positive feedback.

 “Any type of business can benefit from advertising their
services on The Knot.  However, those who take a more passive approach
to building and maintaining their Storefront on TheKnot.com or with
their advertisement in our magazines typically do not get as many
leads as others who take a more proactive approach to positioning
their business best.” – Kristin Savillia, President of Local
Marketplace, XO Group Inc. (parent company of The Knot).

Leverage Your Listing

If you’re paying for advertising, it makes sense to get the most bang for your buck.  Do yourself a favor and take advantage of ALL the features available to advertisers to maximize your leads.

Still not sure whether The Knot advertising is right for you?  Read this article to learn the pros and cons of The Knot and WeddingWire advertising.
What’s your experience with The Knot?