Book Weddings With Email

It’s the little things that make a big difference. Especially with EMAIL.

It’s incredibly frustrating to get wedding leads by email because it’s like you’re working with your hands tied behind your back.

You don’t have your winning smile, that engaging voice, or the gorgeous photos on your website to win them over. It’s just a bunch of black and white text. Blah.

But wait…

In the black and white boring world of email, a few simple but powerful actions make you stand out from the competition FAST.

Watch and Learn the Email Brides Love in This Video:

Think Like the Bride and Groom

What do you look at when you determine which emails to open or delete?

(Pull up your email inbox and take a gander if you’re not sure. I’ll wait.)

That’s right!

You’ll look at:

  1. Who is the email from? Do I recognize the name or email address?
  2. What’s the email subject?

The guiltiest party is your CONTACT FORM.

Notice the email subject of the inquiries that come in from your contact form. For most wedding pros, it’s something like: “Re: inquiry.”

That is NOT a very compelling email subject.

Simply changing the email subject when you reply to a lead increases your likelihood of booking the wedding. 

Follow the suggestions in the video to get brides and grooms noticing, opening and responding to your emails so that you can book more weddings.

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