Happy (Almost) New Year!

Man, this year flew by and the New Year is bearing down on us.  Steph and I are mapping out our goals for next year (things like learning mind control and having my own hit TV show.)  OK, those are aspirational goals.  Maybe picking up my dirty clothes each day is a more realistic start.

New Cool, Free Videos Coming Soon!

Right now we’re working on a brand new series of videos for our Wedding Business Blueprint program.

It’s an 8 week program that steps you through every aspect of building and marketing your business, a real “blueprint” for creating a profitable, successful wedding business in ANY economy.

We could really use your help. Before we get busy shooting new videos we want to be damn sure we’re addressing your most pressing challenges, the things that are causing much grief for you and your business.

Take a 5 Minute Survey and You Can Win a Kindle Fire

kindleHelp us to help you!  We’ve put together a survey to nail down what’s on your mind.  We want to know…really!

We’re even going to try and bribe you to get this information.  Somebody’s going to get a new Kindle Fire just for taking a moment to fill out our little survey.

Between you and me, I’m hoping it’s you!


For the love of God, its only 10 questions!  You can do this.

Just enter your email after completing the survey and you’re automatically entered into a drawing to win the Kindle Fire.

This has got to be done before January 1st so get on it..and win your Kindle Fire already!.

So don’t waste a moment.  Take the survey here and let us know what you REALLY want and need.

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