The Messy, Waxy Lies of Sales

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I got my legs professionally waxed this week. (You’re welcome for the visual OUCH.) Something interesting happened: I walked in planning to spend about $150 and ending up with a bill of $219.80. Was I ripped off? Brainwashed into overspending? Confused by the inhalation of perfumes and tonics? Nope. I was HAPPY about it. I feel good about myself and

Are You the Payless of the Wedding Business?

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How much would you pay for a $20 pair of shoes? Before you answer that question like a wise ass (Handsome Jeffrey!) check out this story. Payless Shoes, famous for their cheap footware, recently did an experiment. They rented out a former Armani storefront, stocked its shelves with $19.99 heels and $39.99 boots and set up shop as Palessi. Palessi

3 Needs of Couples You Can’t Ignore

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This is a sponsored post. By Christine Dyer, Bridal Tweet Whether you are developing a website, advertisement, email, or Facebook post, it is critical that you tap into both the emotional and rational needs of engaged couples. The key is to understand what those needs are. For wedding marketing to be effective, I believe it must satisfy these three needs:

2018 Wedding Trends: What to Expect in the New Year

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By Kylie Carlson, International Academy of Wedding & Event Planning That critical time of year is here, when wedding pros prepare for the New Year by forecasting all of the upcoming trends. Our fourth annual International Wedding Trends Report is full of the latest predictions by the industry’s most trusted experts. We’ve included highlights of this year’s report here so

How to Navigate Politically Charged And Controversial Weddings

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Recently, 80 zillion men and women who just OMG love the royals got something new to squee about: the upcoming nuptials of Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle. I expect Twitter and Instagram to explode during the actual ceremony. I mean that literally. Your computer, if you have the misfortune to be logged on to Twitter or Insta at

3 Tips For Dealing With Mothers-of-the-Bride

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It’s not written about as often as it should be, but one of the dicier wild cards for wedding pros and their clients alike are the parents (usually the mother) of the bride and/or groom. How much authority and sway will she hold? If it’s not a lot, will she be okay with that? Is there a clear rift between

Should Wedding Pros Eat on the Job?

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Last year, there was a spot of controversy over a Brides magazine piece which laid out which wedding pros a prospective bride and groom should or should not feed over the course of the big day. Specifically, the writer suggested that, in most situations, photographers ought not be fed. A lot of people objected to this, but there’s a shred

Pricing psychology: Tricks so brides can’t say “no!”

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Pricing psychology is not a new phenomenon. In fact, even if you look at the words “pricing psychology” or “strategic pricing,” you intuitively know what it means. Overall, it’s a tactic that takes advantage of customers’ emotional responses to certain price points. Since you’re in the wedding business, you’ve seen more than one emotional response, right? (Has a bride cried

3 New Twists For Creepy Wedding Traditions

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This week’s inspiration is based on this writeup in The Insider of “7 popular wedding traditions that are actually super creepy.” The writer, Lindsay Mack, is either a master of deadpan humor or understates everything in life. I hope it’s the former. I am amused when editors are such to slaves to style that they will shoehorn anything into their

3 Ways to Explain Your Value to Price Obsessed Couples

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One of the most common questions we get from wedding professionals year over year is the same loaded question: How do I explain my value? This question can lead to a lot of anxiety and missteps for new wedding pros. Heck, even veterans in the industry struggle with it. If you missed it, go check out the recent conversation in