New Expose’ Attacks the Wedding Industry: How to Protect Your Business

bride and groom with flowers

In case you missed the latest blow to the wedding industry, last Friday 20/20 released an expose’ using sound bites from wedding pros and wedding marketing educators to support their attack in Wedding Confidential: Industry Secrets. Here’s a direct quote from the promos, “Learn the tricks the wedding business uses to rip off unsuspecting lovebirds…” […]

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Formula for a 6 Figure Wedding Business: Learn Exactly What You Need to Do to Hit Your Income Goal This Year

6 figure formula

Here’s something kind of shocking: when we ask wedding vendors, “How much do you need to make with your wedding business to have the lifestyle you want?” most of them can’t answer the question. They simply don’t know how much it costs to run the business, and how much more it would cost to have […]

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The 7 Deadly Mistakes of Wedding Vendors That Can Destroy Your Business

7 Deadly Mistakes video

  I talk to wedding vendors almost every day.  They are my clients, my peers, and my friends.  Lately I’ve been searching for the answer to one thing… What makes the difference between the wedding vendors who PROSPER during difficult economic times and the ones who SUFFER? Jeff, full of compassion as he is, likes […]

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