How to Get More Wedding Leads In 30 Days (Or Less!)

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One of my wedding business students emailed me last week. “I have a great offer — thanks to your help! Now, what do I do? How many times can I post it without being obnoxious or burning myself out?” It’s a brilliant question to ask. Here’s the scenario: You have an amazing product or service. People love it. But how

Yoda’s Worst Advice Ever For Wedding Pros

There’s an oft-quoted iconic scene with Yoda and Luke Skywalker from the movie, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back… Yoda urges Luke to use the Force to lift the submerged ship from the swamp so that they can escape. Luke complains that it’s impossible, but finally agrees to try. “Try not. Do or do not. There is no try,” Yoda

The Stories (Lies) We Tell

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When I was a little girl, I was good at a lot of things. I got good grades in all my classes, pleased my teachers, and listened to my parents. I learned that I was smart, creative, kind. Good. I was good at everything I did. (I thought.) But then I started to get scared about all the things I

Is It Time to Cut Your Losses?

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  I didn’t enjoy saying it, but she was paying me to tell the truth. Belle came to me with a problem. She’d been struggling to get her wedding business off the ground for three years. What could she do to make it work? We had a chat and I gathered the facts. The business didn’t have a sustainable profit

3 Steps to More Easy, Free Wedding Leads Online

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When was the last time you Googled yourself? It’s probably been a while. So… Go ahead and do it now. Open up Google, type in your name and hit search. I’ll wait. (If you have a maiden name or nom de plume, you’ll want to search for that, too.) What do you notice at the top of the page? You’ll

4 Secrets to No BS Viral Marketing

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It’s not often I laugh out loud at ads, especially in my Facebook feed. But last week I came across a video ad that had me busting a gut. In fact, I immediately played the video for two other people, as delighted with the message as with the fine example of viral marketing. Uh, yeah. That suggests a subject for

The Personal Assistant Experiment

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What could Genius do if you get out of the way? Two weeks ago I attended an event with Michael Neill called “Genius Catalyst.” We gathered in Santa Monica, California to explore the nature of Infinite Genius and inspired creation. The weekend was full of provocative conversations and exercises. One was particularly memorable. I’ll call it the “Get Out of

The Secret to Your Hidden Genius

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Yesterday I spoke to a business coach who had NO IDEA what her genius is. When I asked about her business speciality, she said, “I’m a business coach for women who want to start a business.” BORING. Like most people, she was flummoxed about what she does really, really well — not to mention clueless about how to communicate that 

2 Exercises to Kick Start Your Wedding Business In 2019

It’s almost time for the ball to drop as we celebrate the arrival of the New Year 2019. I can hardly believe it! Since I kicked New Year’s resolutions to the curb years ago because they’re both inauthentic and ineffective, I prefer to sashay into 2019 a little differently. The end of the year is the perfect time for a

3 Gifts For A Happy Wedding Business

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Sometimes I treat my business like an old work horse. When things are going well, I keep pushing her. “C’mon, Bessie! Go, go, go!” When things aren’t going so well, I curse and swear and threaten to turn her in for a new model. In the toughest moments and the busiest times, it’s important to come back to GRATITUDE. Having