Weddings Gone Wrong: 5 Steps to Avoid Bad Reviews

disgusted bride

When our wedding professional friend (we’ll call him David) shared his internet horror story, my jaw dropped. Five years ago, David was a well-known, successful videographer specializing in weddings.  One of his brides called him to complain after her video was delivered; the video was late, footage was missing and she wanted a refund. Because […]

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How to Deal With Rumors, Gossip & Bad Mouthing in the Wedding Industry

Two ladies gossiping

  Question: Another wedding pro is bad mouthing us to our brides.  What should we do? Hi Stephanie! I noticed that couples we met with weren’t hiring us, which was unusual because we used to have a very high booking rate. Then I found out that another wedding vendor I’ve been referring has formed a […]

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Topics and Titles Gain Traffic for Your Wedding Blog

Edgy Bride

Sometimes, a wedding blog can provide even better advice than their maid of honor. And for wedding bloggers, this is good news. According to FactBrowser, 61 percent of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from a blog. But without an interesting blog title to grab brides’ attention, the rest of your […]

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