Building Your Wedding Business Roadmap

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Does your wedding business need a roadmap? We can all spend a lot of time in the name of hustling on our businesses, but most of us simply don’t take action because we just don’t know where to start. We don’t want to waste our precious energy or time on doing the wrong thing.   That’s why we truly believe that

What’s new for you in Book More Brides

Hello there!  If we haven’t been introduced yet, we’re Nick and Kate, and we’re beyond thrilled that Stephanie and Jeff have asked us to carry on the mission of Book More Brides. This is a community we have known and loved since 2015, and it is truly an honor to help you build your dream wedding business – one that

How Many Times Do You Contact a Bride Before You Stop?

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“It’s very frustrating to be hung up on when I call, or to receive a nasty e-mail telling me to stop e-mailing, when they are the ones who contacted me in the first place and all I am trying to do is follow up with them. Why is it so hard for the bride to let me know she went

2 Ways to Make Your Wedding Business Stand Out

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This is a sponsored post. By Christine Dyer of BridalTweet Today, engaged couples have countless choices when it comes to picking their wedding vendors.   This fact makes it hard for you to stand out in this very crowded industry.   But the fact is that in order to be successful, it’s imperative that you do stand out.  To do so, we

SEO Tips from a Destination Wedding Photographer

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Guest Post by Misti Marquette Cooke. This is a completely real and honest post about what I’ve learned about SEO and marketing our destination photography business from Mexico.  For many photographers, we get our first camera and think that once we learn how to use it correctly, we’ll have a cash cow on our hands! It might seem that all

The Recession-Proof Recipe For the Wedding Business

Have you ever been hung up about MONEY? Stomach tied in knots. Desperation about where (and when) the next booking is going to come from. And how will you pay the bills if it doesn’t? Oh, my. I can remember feeling that way during the winter slow season before a meeting with a couple. It felt like we HAD to

2 Inspiring Stories For Your Wedding Business

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Last night I attended a networking event for startups.  A dozen new startup businesses stood by tiny tables with displays at the sides of the room, while other entrepreneurs walked by. One sign in particular caught my eye: “When was the last time you felt SEEN?” Woah. Powerful question! (And if you know me, you know that questions are my

The Easy Path to Wedding Marketing

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“Why can’t the clients just show up! I’m really good at what I do — I hate feeling like I have to convince them to hire me. I hate marketing!” I’ve heard this again and again, in the wedding industry and beyond, frustrated entrepreneurs crying out in marketing agony. Why does marketing have to feel so HARD? Why can’t you

How to Create a Chocolate-Covered Wedding Business

I’m fascinated by a strong marketing message that says, “This is what I’m for. This is what I’m against. Like it or not.” I recently came across this postcard for Lagusta’s Luscious Chocolates located in New Paltz, NY. “Heartbreakingly delicious artisanal chocolates, ethically made.” When we talk about “for” and “against” in the world of chocolate, how much is there

“What Business Are You In, Wedding Pro?”

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“What business are you in?” The first answer that comes is never the most complete. Wedding photography. Entertainment. Wedding planning. Travel. Officiating. Venues. A million other wedding pros could give that exact answer. This dumps you into the same category as the competition.  You look the same as everyone else, and when couples can’t tell the difference between you and