SEO Tips from a Destination Wedding Photographer

Playa del Carmen

Guest Post by Misti Marquette Cooke. This is a completely real and honest post about what I’ve learned about SEO and marketing our destination photography business from Mexico.  For many photographers, we get our first camera and think that once we learn how to use it correctly, we’ll have a cash cow on our hands! […]

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How to Create a Chocolate-Covered Wedding Business

I’m fascinated by a strong marketing message that says, “This is what I’m for. This is what I’m against. Like it or not.” I recently came across this postcard for Lagusta’s Luscious Chocolates located in New Paltz, NY. “Heartbreakingly delicious artisanal chocolates, ethically made.” When we talk about “for” and “against” in the world of […]

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