Wedding Industry Trends 2011: Diversify or Die!

Recent articles from claim that the wedding industry is finally beginning to wipe the “fairy dust” from its eyes and realize that it’s time for a change. You can read these articles here: “What is WISN Selling?  It Could Be Common Sense” “A New Generation of Wedding Professionals Is Not Buying What the Older […]

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How to Tweet, Facebook or Blog Your Way to Booked Weddings in 5 Minutes a Day

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“Will social media really work to bring me brides that will book my services?” Excellent question!  I recently did a poll of wedding vendors and this came up quite a few times.  (In fact, all of the questions in this blog post are from real wedding professionals.) It’s true: most of the “social networking” and […]

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Recession Wedding Budgets 2010: The Good News and the Bad News

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The Myth of the Recession-Proof Wedding Industry When Jeff and I started our wedding business back in 2000 everyone claimed weddings were “recession-proof.”  It was easy to understand why. In the 1990’s and early 2000’s, wedding budgets soared.  The average cost of a wedding increased every year, from $26,450 in 2005 to $27,710 in 2006 […]

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